3 Challenges Every Executive Faces When it Comes to Mentoring

3 Challenges Every Executive Faces When it Comes to Mentoring

Posted on Apr 27, 2018

Whether it’s to develop future leaders within their own company or just to share their hard-won knowledge, most executives have an interest in mentoring. But actually delivering those mentoring services? Well, that’s easier said than done.

Here’s why:

They have limited time and resources.

Executives are both time- and resource-strapped, and they’re constantly forced to make a choice: Personal time or work time? Attend my son’s baseball game or put in extra hours at the office? Volunteer at my favorite charity or mentor a colleague? The struggle is constant and never-ending, and it can mentoring less and less appealing for many executives.

They don’t have the right mentees.

To be a meaningful use of an executive’s limited time, mentoring should be reserved for only the right mentees – people who need that executive’s exact skill set and knowledge base and people who are willing and ready to put in the time. Unfortunately, finding these perfect-fit mentees is nearly impossible for most executives – especially when they’re short on time to begin with.

They’re forced into set-in-stone, structured mentoring programs.

There’s little benefit to either mentor or mentee when the relationship is structured, forced and ill-timed. Still, many organizations pursue this route, requiring its executives engage in pre-established, highly structured mentoring programs that leave little room for customization or personalization. In the end, the executive and mentor might check all the boxes for their mentoring arrangement, but did they really learn and grow from the experience? Did they enjoy it? Would they do it again? It’s not likely.

Making Mentoring Easy on Busy Executives

So what’s an executive to do? Waste their time on mentees not suited for their skills? Give up mentoring altogether? With the iConnectX platform, neither of these extremes is necessary.

Perfect for the busy executive looking to make a difference, iConnectX allows executive users to mentor up-and-coming professionals who are seeking their exact knowledge and experience. And in exchange? For the time the executive and the mentee spend together, the executive’s charity of choice gets a donation from the mentee.

It’s a seamless, efficient way to share your expertise and grow the next generation of professionals, while also using your time to make a difference in the world around you. Choose the causes you care about, and mentees will donate their money when you donate your time.

It’s as simple as that.

Want to use your experienced and knowledge to impact your industry, community and beyond? Register for the current Open Beta of iConnectX at www.iConnectX.com.

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