4 Reasons Why Charities Find iConnectX Valuable

4 Reasons Why Charities Find iConnectX Valuable

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

As a charity, you’re always fighting an uphill battle. There are never enough funding, you’re short on staff and volunteers, and you’re doing your best to make an impact with what little resources you have.

It shouldn’t be so hard to make a difference in the world.

Fortunately, with iConnectX, it no longer is.

A new platform that bridges the gap between potential donors and their charities of choice, iConnectX is the first tool of its kind to help increase awareness, funding and participation all in one fell swoop.

Specifically, iConnectX allows charities to:

Create a New Stream of Revenue

With iConnectX, you can create a completely new and untapped revenue stream for your charity. Here’s how it works: Executives can select your organization as a beneficiary when setting up their iConnectX accounts. Further, when a professional pay for mentoring services with that executive, your charity will receive the fees collected. In the end, it means hassle-free donations brought right to your door. You never have to lift a finger.

Raise Awareness for Your Cause

The iConnectX platform brings together charities, professionals and executives from all over the world, offering a far-reaching and comprehensive way to raise awareness for your cause. A cross between professional networking sites and fund-raising sites, with a bit of social responsibility thrown in, iConnectX is a networking tool with one goal in mind: increasing participation in charitable efforts worldwide.

Recruit More Donors, Sponsors, Participants and Volunteers

Most people want to help charitable causes, but work and time commitments make it difficult – especially for busy executives. The iConnectX platform takes the hassle out of charity work, offering executives a simple, streamlined way to use their skills and knowledge to earn money supporting your favourite charity. All they do is share expertise on what they know and love best, and the charity of their choice receives valuable funding for its efforts.

Get More Participation in Events

You can also use the iConnectX platform to create private and public auctions, manage and promote events, and recruit people to volunteer or attend in-person volunteer projects. It’s a handy tool for development managers looking to increase event attendance and participation or for those looking to utilize our mentors for auction-style fundraising efforts.

The Future of Charitable Donations

The iConnectX platform is changing the way charitable donations are done, making them simpler, more seamless and, all in all, more appealing to the world’s busiest and most successful executives.

Are you looking for a way to reach potential donors and raise more awareness for your cause? Sign up for iConnectX, and start making connections today.

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