Supporting Your Favorite Charity

Supporting Your Favorite Charity

Posted on Apr 11, 2018

Ever Thought About Supporting Your Favorite Charity by Using Your Knowledge and Expertise?

You don’t need a whole lot of time or resources to help out your favorite charity.

In fact, with iConnectX, all you need is your work experience and the knowledge you’ve gained on the job, and you can start raising funds for any important cause you find valuable.

Use What You Know to Raise Funds.

When using the new iConnectX platform, your expertise becomes a fundraising tool.

Here’s how it works: professionals pay for mentoring sessions with executives of their choice, and portions of their fees go straight to charity - any charity the executive has designated.

It’s a simple, seamless way to help the causes most important to you using only the knowledge and skills you already have.

All in all, iConnectX offers executives:

An easy, hassle-free way to support the charitable efforts you care about. You don’t need any extra tools, resources or money to help your favorite charity. Using only the expertise you already have and our unique Private Bridge tool, you can raise funding for any charitable effort easily and instantly.

An opportunity to mentor professionals looking for your exact experience and expertise. When it comes to mentoring, finding the right fit can be hard. But not with iConnectX. By letting professionals search for the exact skills and knowledge they’re looking for, executives only get matched with the most appropriate, fitting mentees for the job. This cuts down on wasted time and allows you to be the most effective mentor possible.

A tool to learn more about charities and the work they do. A mix between professional networking and fund-raising sites, iConnectX is powerful a social networking tool that helps you make connections with charities and professionals from all over the world. Use it to discover new charitable organizations or learn more about ones you’re already familiar with.

Opportunities to participate in events, auctions and other fundraising activities. Charities can use iConnectX to set up auctions, events and other activities to increase funding for their efforts. Offer your time as a mentor for these events, and let charities leverage your experience to raise cold, hard cash for their endeavours. You never have to even set foot outside your home.
At iConnectX, we vet every charity we bring on board, so you can always rest assured your time - and the dollars it produces - are going straight toward the causes you care about. Whether it’s helping animals, addressing poverty or getting clean water to indigenous communities, your goals become a reality with the iConnectX platform.

Are you ready to start donating your time to charities and professionals across the world? Sign up for iConnectX today.

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