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Fernanda Recio - Client Advocate



Claudia Rivera, B.Eng

Operations Manager & databse Administrator

Ms. Claudia Rivera is the Operations Manager and Database Administrator of CMLF. Ms. Rivera is an Electronic Engineer graduated from the Instituto Tecnico de Durango in Durango, Mexico. She has worked for engineering production companies, taught Spanish and art, and managed an art studio. Ms. Rivera is in charge of office operations, program and client databases, and insurance enrollments.

Blanca Mares, BS

Domestic Violence Coordinator

Ms. Blanca Mares holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from California State University. Ms. Mares has experience working as a case manager, family advocate, and health educator assistant. Currently, she has been providing support services to survivors of domestic violence. Her support groups provide survivors a safe space to talk about their experiences, learn how to develop safety plans, and become self-sufficient.

Sonia Acosta, PhD

President & CEO

Dr. Sonia Acosta is a fully licensed bilingual psychologist with over 26 years of experience in the field of mental health, substance abuse and domestic violence. She was the first supervisor of Centro La Familia when it was part of Community Mental Health. In 1992, Centro only had two staff members, so by using her grant writing and program design abilities, she was able to grow the program to 35 bilingual staff members. Dr. Acosta is interested in the areas of behavioral health, cultural competence, evaluation and community-based participatory research projects.



We offer language interpretation at different agencies including Women's Center at St Joseph Hospital. Bilingual staff provides interpretation between pregnant women and their physician so they can communicate better and have healthier outcomes. Our staff Priscila Holt is providing this service and also coordination with appointments for Spanish-speaking clients.

For more information, please contact:

Claudia Rivera at 248-858-7800 ext 1001 or



We offer parenting workshops in Spanish and very soon in English for parents with children between 0 and 8 years old. One of the curricula is called Positive Solutions for Families (6 weeks sessions) and the other one is Positive Action.

For more information, please contact:

Sonsoles Baltazar, M.A at 248-858-7800 ext 1000 or



We assist with applications for Medicaid, food stamps, child care thanks to funding we receive from Blue Cross Blue Shield. We also have computers that the public can use to apply for these benefits themselves.

For more information, please contact:

Claudia Rivera B.S at 248-858-7800 ext 1001 or



Health education and information that we provide in collaboration with the Mexican Consulate in Detroit.

Staff and volunteers provide health education on topics such as diabetes, hypertension, breast cancer, prostate cancer, depression, anxiety, HIV testing, etc.

For more information, please contact:

Debra Ehrmann at 313-964-4515 ext 35 (mornings), 248-858-7800 (afternoons) or



We offer a culturally sensitive, Spanish language program to help victims of abuse. It provides individual advocacy-based counseling and a support group for victims of abuse in the areas of domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault, hate crimes, bullying, teen dating violence, child abuse and human trafficking.

Some of the services provided at this time include:

  • Support group Las Rosas – This is a support group for women who have been victims of abuse. It gives them an opportunity to share their experiences and learn new skills and independence.

  • Referrals to services at HAVEN and linkages with their shelter

  • Interpretation and translation in accessing community resources

  • Referrals to legal services when needed, especially those needing to apply for immigrant visas

  • Assistance with applications for Victims of Crime Compensation and education about their rights as victims of crime.

For more information, please contact:

VOCA Program Director - Jeanette Bowden, B.S at or 248-858-7800 ext 1011 OR

Program Coordinator - Blanca Mares, B.S at 248-858-7800 ext 1006 or



Our bilingual staff offers specialized counseling services for children, adolescents, adults and families in the areas of mental health, depression, anxiety and other issues. We provide brief interventions and solution-focused therapy to help clients improve their quality of life. Also, we host individual, family and group counseling and several groups for children going through difficult times.

For more information, please contact: Mental Health & Counseling Services Coordinator -

Nancy Truly, M.A, LPC at 248-858-7800 ext 1008 or

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