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Fresh Start Visions
Education & Training

Tim Terry


Since leaving prison in September 2002, Terry, 46, has devoted his time to faith-based programs designed to keep South Carolina ex-offenders from returning to prison. His passion is establishing a nation-wide program through FreshStart Vision to show the world that God is truly the God of reconciliation.

He is using Christian faith and his life experiences to show inmates how to become successful after being released from prison. He believes that reconciliation to God, family, and community is key to that success. “It is like building a bridge from the inside to the outside world, by becoming a law-abiding, tax-paying citizen”.

God has restored back all the broken relationships Tim destroyed years ago with his children and family. His daughter Jacolyn and grandson Ty love helping tell the story of redemption and forgiveness when opportunity knocks.

FreshStart Visions Program highlights:


Men who participate in our “inside”program, Men in Transition, attend several semester long classes that focus on character traits needed to secure and maintain employment;
Men in Transition graduates are eligible for transitional housing upon release for up to 1 year, where they live in a pro-social environment that requires abstinence from drugs/alcohol, learning life skills, money management, and participation in counseling.
We partner with local businesses in the communities we serve, with the goal of all residents maintaining employment.

FreshStart Visions was designed for inmates who are within one-two years of release. Inmates believe in this program because it allows them to share their feelings and concerns, consider the behaviors that led to their incarceration, and learn how to establish a closer relationship with God, while preparing for a successful re-entry.

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Our Process


FreshStart Visions program participants will live in many of the homes and be supported by a structured program to help them succeed on the outside. FreshStart Visions will purchase and restore additional houses for renovation and either lease them out or sell them and reinvest the proceeds into the FreshStart Visions Program. FreshStart Visions is redeeming lives and restoring community. We are working to provide a safe supportive environment for these men and women while rebuilding the area in which they will now live.The FreshStart Visions program has identified a ‘base of operations’ or ‘headquarters’ on Clement Avenue in North Charleston. FreshStart Visions has made an offer to purchase this property, contingent upon our being able to find financing. This headquarters will provide a 20 bed ‘beachhead’ in which FreshStart Visions’ Participants can live, work, learn and grow. As we begin to fill this facility to capacity, we plan to purchase additional houses nearby to restore, renovate and either lease or sell. This will provide a major force for reinvestment in, and redevelopment of this struggling Cherokee/Chicora area in the community.

While we are building our ‘headquarters’ for the Charleston area, we will be looking for other states within the Southeast with which we can partner. We want to take the FreshStart Visions Prison Ministry Model into numerous other states. Yet, we want to work with states who are prepared to help fund the growing operation and invest in our future together. And we want state governments who will cut red tape and move mountains to get the opportunity to participate in this program that will save them tens of millions of dollars annually.

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