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Sponsoring a child pays eternal rewards. It takes little more than a dollar a day to sponsor a child with LLEM. Many families in the USA can spend as much on a single visit to a fast food restaurant as it takes to sponsor a child. The absence of that money each month will be far overshadowed by the impact that it will have on your sponsored child

Poverty impacts the lives of children throughout the world, with more than 30% of children in developing countries—about 600 million—living on less than $1 a day. According to UNICEF, every 3.6 seconds one person dies of starvation, and it is often a child under the age of 5. More than 1 billion children are severely deprived of at least one of the essential goods and services they require to survive, grow, and develop, such as food, healthcare, and education. Some 300 million children go to bed hungry every day, and more than 90% of those children suffer from long-term malnourishment.




Our story begins in a small community called Agu Na Ebere in Imo State, Nigeria, Africa. Agu Na Ebere is from the Nigerian tribe called the Igbos. This tribe is considered one of the lost tribes of Israel and they are now connecting back to their Jewish root. Click on the link to learn more: http://www.re-emergingfilm.com/

Agu Na Ebere has been forgotten by local, state and federal government officials. In addition to needing clean drinking water, this community is in dire need of many other things including medical care and access to good schools. Life is hard there, and people do not have access to basic life necessities.

LLEM International, Inc. is committed to improving the living conditions for the 6,000 residents who reside in Agu Na Ebere.



What Does LLEM Educational Outreach Look Like?

LLEM International (www.lleminternational.com) has a wide variety of educationally focused initiatives designed to improve the lives of less-privileged children, including orphans, who reside in Agu Na Ebere, Nigeria, and in the surrounding communities.

LLEM currently supports an existing school in a very rural location in Asa, Abia State, Nigeria, but the school needs some donor love! The existing school facility is very small, old, and outdated, and the building is in dire need of rebuilding. More importantly, the building just cannot meet the needs of the growing rural community. There is an urgent need to build a larger, more modern school site to serve more children and adults. We cannot let this community down!

Children with higher levels of literacy are better equipped in so many important ways. First, children who are literate experience fewer health-related issues. They are healthier and stay healthier into adulthood. Also, girls who are literate are less likely to be married off as child brides (a problem in Nigeria) and have much lower levels of teen pregnancy. For this reason, LLEM is very committed to building a top-notch, modern school facility where all children, especially children who have so little, can thrive.

Your donations will:

  1. Build a new cement school building for 200 children.
  2. Ensure classrooms are properly shaded to create an optimal learning environment.
  3. Create an outdoor sports area so children can participate in physical education activities.
  4. Build a teacher’s area where teachers can gather.
  5. Build a new modern parking lot.
  6. Build a student lunch facility.

Of course, we can’t build a new school without the help of corporate partners and individual donors. We are counting on your support to help change lives and to show these children that they are worth investing in. Please make a donation today, and be prepared to change a life.

In addition to rebuilding our existing school site, we are also asking donors to sponsor children via our “sponsor a child” program. Sponsorship costs only $35 a month and helps pay school fees, supports medical care, and ensures students are properly fed in their homes. Some child sponsorship is directed at orphans, while other sponsorship is provided to single parents that do not have the ability to support their own children due to a lack of employment opportunities in the area. A limited amount of aid is also provided to two-parent families.

All of LLEM’s educational initiatives are focused on helping children who have nothing. The community of Agu Na Ebere has long been forgotten by the Nigerian government. The children and adults there need our intervention. Failing them is not an option!

A small donation can have a major impact on this community, so we are asking you to not turn your back on their great needs.

Donate Today: https://lleminternational.com/donate-now/



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