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IT Staffing

Business efficiency depends on various factors and staffing is one of the key aspects, determining growth and success. In this changing global economy, finding the right person is essential to sustain the competitive environment. IPS Technology Services helps the forward-looking businesses in IT staffing with immaculate but fast screening.

IT Staffing Firms

We are one of the renowned IT staffing firms in Michigan with recruiters having an average of 10+ years of recruiting and screening experience, accommodating specific candidate based on the preferences of companies.

Every organization needs to inspire, motivate, manage and reward the most valuable asset of to achieve stability. Technology is the catalyst to bring transformation but you need skilled individuals to implement it in effective manner. We ensure your organization that candidate through our staffing solutions.

IT staffing firm
IPS Technology Services locates and screens candidates for your company’s needs in the following categories:
Immaculate but Fast Screening
• Project Managers
• Oracle, Java J2EE
• Microsoft SQL server, ASP Net
• ERP – SAP, Oracle, Baan, JDE
• Technology Consultants
• Disaster Recovery

Before starting with the recruiting process, we try to understand the targets of your business and the gaps that required to get filled. IPS Technology Services assures you secure and strategic solutions while staffing talented and competent candidates for your organization.

CIO Advisory

Whether it is about creating value, propelling growth or sustaining infrastructure, CIO are responsible to intersect technology with business. Owning to the existing competitive market, it has become necessary to translate technology issues and opportunities to drive value for business. At IPS Technology Services, we offer CIO advisory services to our clients and make them understand multiple factors behind the implementation of IT strategy, within their budget. They will get an insight about the technology and its abilities to reduce risk of failure.

CIO Advisory Services

We focus on helping businesses develop a technology strategy and a plan to meet business objectives, reduce IT costs, negotiate with vendors, and implement scalable and secured technology architecture with high availability and performance.
CIO advisory includes assistance in planning and executing programs to improve the overall business performance through effectiveness, responsiveness and adaptability.

cio advisory services
IPS Technology Services offers:
• Process Mapping
• Technology Road Map
• Cost Cutting
• Technology Strategy
• IT Governance
• IT Best Practices
• Disaster Recovery

We have a dedicated team helping CIOs to maintain global and uncompromised independent perspective, necessary for today’s complex business environment. Clients can be assured of our improved internal functions; it will accelerate the much needed changes in the organization.

Health Care IT
Healthcare industries are under greater pressure to utilize resources to the optimum level and be more productive in their services. The urge to enhance performance and increase the usability has made them to opt for IT solutions for meeting the market demand. IPS Technology Services is one of the healthcare IT consultants in Michigan. We help physicians and health care centers in EHR implementation.
healthcare IT consultants, consulting firms

Being a healthcare IT consulting company, we try to reduce costs by meaningful utilization of technologies. We focus on helping medical providers with time-saving enterprise, IT solutions and reduce waste in service delivery, improve office efficiency and avoid costly mistakes by utilizing eScheduling, billing, automatic schedule reminders, ePrescription, electronic test dispatch and other relevant technologies.

IPS Technology Services ensures to be a trusted technology advisor for physician’s practices regarding all IT matters. The focus of our healthcare IT consulting services is to improve efficiency and assure ROI to our clients.

healthcare IT technology solutions provider

IPS Technology Services offers the following Healthcare IT solutions:

• EHR for Physicians Practices
• EHR/PM Implementation
• Project Management
• Meaningful Use
• Vendor Selection
• Healthcare IT Support
• Social Media

If managing the infrastructure of the healthcare centre is getting complex, we can support with affordable IT solutions, preventing errors and mistakes.
System Development

An organization is successful only when all the systems are well integrated and at the same time, updated with latest technology. There are instances when businesses are found unable to handle or control the IT in-house. Even some are found struggling with hardware and software complexities. IPS Technology Services offers systems development and technical assistance. In order to help businesses achieve a higher level of productivity and accuracy, we utilize appropriate web-based or desktop applications in multiple platforms with an emphasis on systems integration.
systems development

systems development services
We do understand the challenges faced by many companies while managing their tech sectors. It is essential to analyze those areas and offer them personalize strategies and implement budget friendly IT support. This helps businesses to save time, protect critical data and be more efficient. IPS Technology Services offers the following Systems Development options:

IPS Technology Services offers the following Systems Development options:

• Structured Methodology
• Project Management
• Coding and Testing
• Deployment and Support
• Internet, Java and ASP
• Business Intelligence
• SQL Server, Oracle, DB2

Our system development services identify the requirements of the business and develop custom hardware or software to scale up the performance level. We have experienced team to support businesses and help them to attend flexibility. IPS Technology Services can manage computer system and integrate them with specific industry necessities.
Web and Social Media
With the advent of web based marketing technique the owners have to rethink about their strategies. The manner of doing business has changed over time and hence, ignoring this platform can be a major setback. Online marketing gives businesses an opportunity to reach wider audience. At IPS Technology Services, we create unique, integrated plan through Search Engine Optimization, Email marketing, Blogs, Social Media Marketing, and other relevant technologies.
Building a website is not the end of the story because it requires to get found. This is where web based marketing plays an important role. Whether it is a small or a large concern, to stay strong in this competitive market and generate sales, online marketing is vital. IPS Technology Services helps to increase the ROI of company by using appropriate methods to increase traffic to the website. We develop comprehensive programs to maximize revenues by understanding the visitors and providing them with instant solutions.
web and social

IPS Technology Services offers the following Web-based and Social Media Marketing Services:

• Website Design and Build
• Search Engine Optimization
• Search Engine Marketing
• Social Media
• Facebook, Twitter
• Email Marketing
Our online marketing experts render a full range of services across digital marketing, ensuring cost effective results based on company goals and objectives.

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