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Services: Alexa Skill Development

Alexa, how can we inspire customers?”

Industry leaders who adopt the impressive power of voice automation into their business or organization are uniquely positioned to create memorable experiences that better satisfy customers, delight audiences, and impress enthusiasts.

Qwinix, in partnership with organizations in real estate, health care, sports and entertainment has brought to life new and exciting Alexa skills that have both invigorated their business and delighted their customers.


Watch the Alexa Voice App Demo:

Watch Qwinix Alexa Skills demo in Health Care:

Cloud Services

Qwinix partnered with Sling, a Dish Network product, to deliver live television broadcasting over the internet. Qwinix supported software development, continuous integration and operations. Using a combination of open source tools and leading edge programming languages, Qwinix built a custom software development pipeline to meet the release demands of the Sling business and reduce deployment errors through automation.

Cloud strategy & adoption | cloud migration | cloud native applications (web, mobile, digital) | devops | automation
24/7 AWS monitoring & support | 24/7 live tech support | proactive monitoring, automation & management of the environment | managed data backups & restores | devops practices for better managed services operations | managed billing & pricing
Design Sprint

We collaborate with your team of experts to creatively devise a number of concepts. We critique them, rank them and prioritize them. The strongest concepts surface and become our prototyped solution.

Home Automation Development

Technology and automation continue to improve human lives in the places we least expect it, and the expanding terrain of home automation offers a lot of opportunity and a bit of confusion. As this industry shifts from the purview of the tinkerer to the needs of the soccer dad, Qwinix can guide you to the right solutions.

Qwinix worked with Brookfield Residential powered by Amazon Alexa, collaborating to integrate smart home capabilities for an upcoming housing development in the DC area. Alexa plays a central role in the smart home as it allows the user to use their voice to control the home.

Custom | Smart Home | User Experience Design
Model Home Alexa skill
Software Development

Web Applications

As our client, we care about your customers, too. To make your web application a hit and ensure the best user experience, we'll help you build an intuitive, rock-solid web app that is lean yet robust.

Mobile Applications

We’ll work with you to create strategic enterprise mobile solutions to effectively translate your objectives using end to end development capabilities from strategy to UI design and compatibility, to security on any mobile platform, including Android and Apple iOS.


Qwinix partnered with iNotary to provide notaries across the country an easy way to make and maintain state specific and compliant journal records. For this web and mobile app, Qwinix created custom software to integrate hardware tools that better client user experience and end to end process.

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