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Animal Adaptation

Animal Adaptation

Dahlem Conservancy

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Cancelled; Animal Adaptation Schools and programs are cancelled due to COVID-19 outbreak   East Jackson Elementary 4th grade students are coming out to Dahlem for Animal Adaptation; How to Build an Animal program. Program Description:  How do beavers build their dams?  Are all bird feathers the same?  Do snakes have a tail? Students explore the fascinating array of animal adaptations and how each characteristic helps species survive in the challenging Michigan environment.  Discussions and small teams hands-on activities will keep students engaged in learning more than ever. Standards: 1.LSS1.A  1.LS3.1  2.LS4.1  3.LS3.A & B, 3.LS4.C & D  4.LS1.2  5.LS2.A   Organizer Carrie Benham,  

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Start Date: Apr 22 2020 9:30 AM

End Date:  Apr 22 2020 12:30 PM


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