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Annie's BIG Nature Lesson Sharp Park Academy;4th grade classes

Annie's BIG Nature Lesson Sharp Park Academy;4th grade classes

Dahlem Conservancy

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About Annie’s BIG Nature Lesson (ABNL); Annie's BIG Nature Lesson is an environmental education program that brings children, parents, and teachers into the natural world for learning. This five consecutive day study trip is conducted at community nature centers and invites participants to immerse themselves in exploration of different habitats, learn with experts on site, observe and write for an hour each day, and make a positive difference through stewardship projects.   The Mission:• To immerse children, teachers, and parents in the beauty and wonder of the natural world• To engage in authentic scientific investigations by observing the local ecology, drawing, and writing• To nurture citizens who value and protect natural resources• To build school and community partnerships that inspire responsible environmental stewardship   Download More Information:• ABNL Description• ABNL Components• ABNL Details• ABNL Photo Overview   Organizer Carrie Benham,

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Start Date: Nov 16 2020 9:00 AM

End Date:  Nov 20 2020 2:00 PM



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