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Craft Nights at ArtBlock

Craft Nights at ArtBlock

Green Living Science

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Details: Join us in the magical ArtBlock! To allow yourself time to dedicate time to your craft. Crafts will vary greatly, and include things such as drawing, painting, knitting, weaving, writing, sewing, coloring, etc. The intention is for everyone to make time to use their hands, which in turn yields mental and physical health benefits similar to those found by practicing mindfulness and meditation. Our hope is that people in the community come together and connect over their various interests, while also welcoming and supporting those who are attending in an effort to hold themselves accountable to practice their craft and enhance their overall sense of well being by doing so. September: Weaving demo (learn the basics of weaving on a cardboard loom).October: Costume Making (we will provide sewing machines, hot glue guns, and various materials to help bring your creations to life). November: Crayola Calligraphy (learn how to hand-letter using old-fashioned washable markers)December: Seasons Greetings (send some good cheer and well-wishes for a prosperous 2020 with handmade cards)

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Start Date: Mar 05 2020 6:30 PM

End Date:  Mar 05 2020 8:30 PM


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