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Walkathon- a walk to conserve water

Walkathon- a walk to conserve water


event details

WALKATHON 2019 A walk to conserve water Walkathon is an annual feature organised by Samarthanam on a specific theme. Initiated in 2005, it is a public event organised to raise awareness on a social cause. Walkathon invites people from various walks of life to join hands and lead the change. It creates a platform for people to exchange ideas and voice their thoughts. It also acts as a fundraiser for Samarthanam buttressing the cause of the event further and the vision at large. Samarthanam’s 15th Bengaluru Walkathon is here to raise awareness on the depleting water levels and the need to conserve the little that we are left with. Its time to act and conserve WATER, our only elixir of life!  

event time

Start Date: Dec 07 2019 9:00 AM

End Date:  Dec 07 2019 6:00 PM


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