About Us

iConnectX is product of Sqwirrel LLC, a Bloomfield Hills based Michigan company. iConnectX (ICX) Platform is designed to leverage the power of professional networking to raise funds for charities and non-profits that are registered and recognized by IRS. All charities and non-profits will be reviewed and approved by ICX before they can be allowed to take donations and raise funds via our platform.

iConnectX is free to use, free to list and publicize events, free to run auctions and free to raise donations except credit card transaction fees, there is no other charge.

We want to leverage social engagement with individuals, professionals and companies. Charities and non-profits can use our platform to promote their events and raise awareness about their cause, they can then raise money using auctions, donations and private bridge functionality. Corporations can promote their brand, follow charities, recommend to their employees the charities that they follow and encourage their employees to donate and follow the charities they support. Individuals can connect with other like-minded folks, support charities and non-profits, they can then donate their time for meeting with people on the platform who might be interested to meet with them for a fees which will be directly sent to the charity of choice of the individual that is donating their time and this is what our private bridge feature does for ICX users.

ICX wants to also help in social media marketing at no cost to all charities, non-profits and corporations that are on the platform who are promoting a cause.

At a high level, here are the core features of our platform:

  • Raise Funds: Designed from the beginning to help Charities and non-profits raise funds for their cause
  • Professional & Social Networking: Includes social networking so iConnectX members can interact and expand their personal/professional networks
    • Make connections
    • Share articles, ideas, links, stories, pictures, etc.
    • Create blogs
    • Follow charities and companies
    • iConnectX rules engine matches members with charities, events, auctions, companies, and recommended connections based on member’s profile
  • Charities & Non-profits: They can create their own pages to:
    • Promote their causes
    • Promote their events
    • Recruit volunteers
    • Host fundraising events and auctions
    • Accept donations
  • Corporations: They can create pages to:
    • Support charities
    • Sponsor events
    • Support social giving campaigns
    • Engage employees to support social giving campaigns
    • Build brand awareness
  • Professionals/Individuals: Free for individuals, charities and companies to sign-up and use:
    • Network with other professionals
    • Connect with charities and corporations
    • Support and help a cause
    • No sign-up or access fees
    • No on-going support fees
    • Free advice and support from iConnectX support team
  • Private Bridge: Unique Patent Pending Private Bridging feature allows executive sponsors to raise funds for charities by donating time to meet with iConnectX members.

    How does our Patent Pending Private Bridging Work?

    • Define “Private Bridge” — A private meeting with your iConnectX connections. They can request to meet with you, or you with others. A Bridge is arranged in advance with an agreed upon donation to a registered charity once the meeting occurs.
    • Setting a Price for Your Bridge — You set the requested fee for your Bridge based on the amount you want to receive (for your charity) for meeting with an individual. Once you set a price, you also allocate the donation percentage to your designated charity or have it divided between multiple charities.
    • Schedule time for Private Bridging:
      • Set your price and allocate percentages of donation to your designated charity or charities
      • Enter your availability on your calendar
      • Receive and accept invites from others to Private Bridge
    • Schedule a Private Bridge with someone else:
      • Search for a connection and check their availability
      • Select a Private Bridge time they have made available (you can also Follow someone and iConnectX will message you when they have made Private Bridge times available)
      • Suggest a meeting location
      • Wait for meeting confirmation
      • Make the requested donation
      • Attend the meeting