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Fundraising Platform for Nonprofits - Donation


Build and manage your own fundraisers. Don’t stop at collecting donations, add in auctions, events with tickets, even donated time sold to support your fundraiser!

Solicit Donations and More!

Set up and manage your fundraiser on iConnectX. Tell your story, add pictures, set your goal and start collecting. To make more of an impact, add in auction items, event tickets and iBridges (donated time).

Promote your fundraiser in the iConnectX Marketplace as well as on your social pages and in emails to your colleagues.

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  • Easy set up
  • Set up a fundraiser for your nonprofit or select from one of the 1.7 Million IRS approved 501c organizations
  • Have your members or sponsors set up fundraisers on your behalf
  • Tell your story
  • Add a picture
  • Set a goal
  • Add auction items, events with tickets and iBridges
  • Promote your fundraiser in the iConnectX Marketplace, available to the community on browsers and in the mobile app
  • Funds collected are sent to your nonprofit on a weekly basis