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Bharath K Raju

Charlotte, North Carolina 27572

Senior Manager at EY

EY, 13 Years in Information Technology industry

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Bharath K Raju'S BIO

Bharath K. Raju is a Senior Manager in Data and Analytics Practice with in Advisory service line of Ernst & Young. Bharath has over ten years of professional experience that involved Risk Analysis and Management, Statistical Data Analysis using Business Intelligence tools, Financial and Quantitative Modeling, Developing Technology Solutions and Project Management.

Bharath has worked in the Information Technology industry for four years where he was actively involved in analysis, design, implementation and testing phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Prior to joining Ernst & Young, Bharath worked as a Risk Management Analyst in the Mortgage Insurance industry where he was mainly involved in generating risk management reports and in deployment of a Business Intelligence tool.

Professional Certifications: 
Six Sigma Green Belt

Specialties: Reporting and Data Analysis using Business Intelligence tools (Spotfire, SSRS, JMP and OLAP cube), Financial and Quantitative Modeling, Process Improvement using Six Sigma, Developing Technology Solutions, Market Research, Competitive Analysis and Project Management

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