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Chandan Singh

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560100

Senior Digital Marketing Executive

V2Soft, 7 Years in Marketing industry

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Chandan Singh'S BIO

Roles and Responsibilities:

• Build campaigns across a variety of digital marketing platforms including Web, Paid Search, Display, Email, Social media, and Mobile and effectively integrate efforts across platforms. These campaigns could be focused on brand awareness as well as pipeline building and lead generation
• Engaging the users on various social media platforms organically through creative contents.
• Liaise with content publishers to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of content
• Handle all uploads on the blog, YouTube & SM platforms channel
• Interact with agency/teams to ensure the design/briefs are in harmony
with the content
• Conceptualise content strategy for marketing campaigns & editorial
• Liaise with internal teams from various departments to obtain briefs and
requirements for new launches & other business updates
• Ability to handle stakeholders inside and outside the organization
including internal team, product team, creative team etc.
• Increasing the views of video 2X on video sharing channel to guide users
how to use our app and the benefits of using.
• Introduced scheduled targeted email marketing programs using Lead
squared resulting in increased open and conversion rates over previous sporadic email blasts
• Increased online sign-up conversion from 12% to 35%
• Tracked and analyzed social and web data to choreograph and optimize targeted social campaigns, as well as assign ROI-driven metrics to each
• Created and monetized new digital ad positions and programs.
• Promote brand awareness through paid campaigns on all social media
• Promoted the company through Search Network Ad, Display Network Ad,
and Video Ads

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