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Gary Rogensues

Commerce Twp, Mi 48382

It infrastructure and Business Analysis

Consultant, 30 Years in IT Professional industry

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Gary Rogensues'S BIO

Gary is senior level IT professional with 34 years experience in large deployment, migrations, DevOps, disaster recovery with integration distributed systems infrastructure as code platforms. He previously worked as a Consultant (SCM and DevOps Code Promotion), took part in their CI/CD DevOps Pipeline deployments using custom scripting and Jenkins deployed on target servers. Gary SCP relay and SSH Infrastructure as code with Kubernetes and Docker Containers, Terraform with Ansible for automation, SNMP, Windows registry, Command Line programming, Unix Shell and Windows automation and/or network configuration, with regular expressions.  Additionally, Gary has worked on distributed systems consectively during his career. Gary experiences with JIRA, Adobe, Discovery product, ServiceNow, through numerous contracts. Gary has established incident response policies within change control management to resolve the break-fix and triage processes across all stand-alone, VMS and AWS projects.

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