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Raymond Drzala

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48326

Marketing Director

iConnectX, 15 Years in Technology industry

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Raymond Drzala'S BIO

I am a people person with leadership experience in sales, marketing and operations. My experiences in solution selling and business development, along with my broad knowledge in all aspects of marketing, advertising, print and operations help me with strategy and execution of any project.

I have managed teams for direct marketing, client/account management, new business development and lead teams on client technology solutions, strategy, and more. A lot of my work was specialized in web-based or SaaS marketing solutions for corporations and their distribution networks.

Recently I have been working on multiple products under the V2SOFT umbrella. We have launched an amazing new social platform ( that harnesses the power of professional networking to support nonprofits, an event management platform ( that provides free virtual conferencing/parties, as well as the ability to plan and build your own event from venue to services, while paying only one bill, and our latest product, CompanyTRAK (, a solution helping companies bring their employees back to work in a safe environment. This provides a Daily Health Check, Contact Tracing, Social Distancing, Visitor Tracing and our CT Portal to control the entire solution including integration with outside systems.

Connect with me and share your story. I am fascinated by people and the paths they take.

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