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Varchasvi Shankar

Bloomfield Hills, Michigan 48302

President & CEO

V2Soft Inc, 21 Years in Information Technology industry

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Varchasvi Shankar'S BIO

Visionary, technology and corporate strategist within the Automotive, Healthcare, Energy, Government, Financial and Manufacturing industries. Entrepreneurial profit driver offering more than 20 years of visionary leadership, business strategy, operations, marketing and distinguished performance guiding early-stage companies and multi-national enterprises to technology innovation, lean operations and profound revenue gains. Recognized for insights into emerging opportunities, trends, and challenges in a global economy while integrating mobile technology, cloud and big data to accomplish client’s business goals. A hands-on, customer-centric leader with proven success delivering global world-class technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies and government organizations that exceed expectations, generate measurable results and inspire customer loyalty.


✔ Enterprise Web Applications
✔ Mobile Applications & Strategy
✔ Big Data Solutions
✔ Machine Learning
✔ Artificial Intelligence
✔ Mobile Enterprise Application Platforms
✔ Open Source Solutions
✔ Embedded Technologies
✔ Cloud Solutions
✔ J2EE and .NET/Microsoft Platforms
✔ QA & Automated Testing Solutions
✔ ERP Solutions – SAP, PeopleSoft
✔ eCommerce
✔ Content Management System & Analytics
✔ Global Application Integration & Delivery

✔ Information Technology
✔ Engineering
✔ Contract, Permanent & Flexible Staff Augmentation

✔ Strategic IT Planning & Forecasting
✔ Streamlining Technology & Business Goals
✔ Technology Process Optimization
✔ Outsourcing & Offshoring
✔ Business Intelligence & Data Analytics
✔ Financial Analysis
✔ Compliance
✔ Product Innovation
✔ Global Operations Leadership
✔ Talent Acquisition & Retention
✔ Risk Management
✔ Cross-Functional Team Building

✔ Strategic Development of Business Partnerships
✔ Revenue Growth
✔ Market & Competitive Analysis
✔ International Market Penetration

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