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Anil Perera

plano, TX 75025

Lead Consultant

Infosys, 20 Years in anil industry

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Anil Perera'S BIO


  • Qualified professional with significant wholesale, retail, and manufacturing experience in Software Implementation, Network Monitoring, QA and Application Development, ERP-integration and E-Commerce.
  • Application Performance Monitoring - Using Dynatrace APM and UEM tools to optimize application performance and identify performance bottlenecks in web applications and provide solutions. Identify opportunities through Dynatrace and drill down to do root cause analysis for insights.



  • Implement Dynatrace Application Performance Monitoring tool in client environments.
  • Performed Load Tests for major Retail Telecommunication and Banking clients.
  • Spearheaded implementation of the AMR Application & Network Monitoring Project, saving the customer approximately 400k.
  • Able to resolve all issues within four months, thereby gaining customer confidence and satisfaction.
  • Designed and implemented the customer interface for the Application & Network Monitoring tool.
  • Created and implemented the dashboards and the customer web interface, which was not available from the out of the box Monitoring Tool.
  • Designed and implemented the customer VPN monitoring system, thus saving costly down time. Created scripts and the web interface to automatically monitor the VPN and alert the Admin if the VPN is unavailable or slow.
  • Designed and implemented a monitoring system for all probes and robots, measuring down time, disk space, data collection etc. The out of the box Application & Network tool lacked a proper interface for monitoring its own probes and robots. I created scripts and the web interface to monitor all probes and robots automatically and alert if any of them are offline.
  • Configured and implemented Cacti to pull in SNMP traffic from the monitoring tools and display in a dashboard.  Implemented the Open Source Network Monitoring tool, Cacti, to pull in SNMP traffic from the probes and display in a dashboard in the NOC.
  • Application Performance Monitoring, Dynatrace, AWS.



  • RedHat Linux, Windows, AIX, Sun Solaris, HP Unix, Apache, HTML5, Angular JS, VMWare, JBoss, Tomcat, MySQL, Oracle
  • AWS Stack (ELBs, EC2, S3, VPC, CloudWatch, CloudFront, EBS, RDS, etc.).
  • Scripting tools: Python, powershell and Bash
  • Dynatrace One agent & Appmon versions, Speed Curve, Rigor, Splunk, Soasta, JMeter
  • Jenkins, Stash, Source tree, GitHub and Salt


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