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The Value of Mentors: Learn From Mistakes, Without Making Them Yourself

The Value of Mentors: Learn From Mistakes, Without Making Them Yourself

Posted on July 19, 2018
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We all make mistakes – that’s undeniable. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s also what allows us to learn, grow and improve ourselves – both personally and professionally.

But what if you could get those same benefits, without suffering the consequences and frustrations those mistakes come with? What if you could learn from your mistakes…without actually making them in the first place?

That’s exactly what the right mentor stands to offer. In fact, when you choose a mentor who’s followed a similar pathway to what you hope to emulate, you get to:

Draw From Their Experience, Knowledge and Past Mistakes

Mentors can share their hard-won successes and failures, and they can break down what went wrong and what went right in their own careers. This gives you the benefit of those valuable lessons, without all the heartbreak and challenge that comes with them.

Who knows, your mentor may have even encountered similar challenges to what you’re facing now and have personal anecdotes that can guide you toward the proper solution – no mistakes necessary.

Enjoy Decision-making Support to Prevent Your Own Mistakes

Don’t know what’s right or wrong? Can’t decide which route to take or strategy to use? Your mentor can support you during the decision-making process and steer you in the correct direction.

Because they’re not emotionally invested – and they come with a wealth of knowledge in the exact challenges and problems you face – they’re able to offer you unbiased, honest and informed feedback. That can prevent many mistakes from ever occurring in the first place.

Bounce Back From Mistakes Faster

If your mentor isn’t able to help you prevent those mistakes from occurring, they will be able to help you bounce back from them – and likely faster and more successfully than you could on your own. Remember, mistakes can be costly – in time, money and effort – and a mentor can help you minimize these consequences and get back on your feet faster and with fewer losses.

Of course, these benefits are only possible if you choose the right mentor – one whose background, experience, skills and career pathway is similar to one you want to follow. Need help honing in on that perfect mentor whose mistakes you can learn and grow from? Sign up for iConnectX, and browse our directory of experienced and influential mentors.