Build a network, buy time with executives, support Nonprofits.

iConnectX, the revolutionary new social platform where professionals use their networking skills to support nonprofits. Nonprofits gain access to free tools to promote their cause, volunteer opportunities, manage auctions, events and ticket selling.

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Simple Registration

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Mobile Application

The iConnectX mobile app makes it easy to bid on auctions and buy event tickets while you are on the go.

Social Sharing

Share your message, events, auctions and stories in our feed and with other social sites.

Event Management

Set up and promote your event, tally registrations, sell tickets, provide directions, all free to nonprofits.

Auction Management

Nonprofits, Companies, even professionals can set up their own auctions to support their cause.

Mini Site for Advocacy

Promote your cause, volunteer opportunities, programs, stories and more.

Professional Networking

Find peers, executives and industry experts to connect with and share or buy time.

Private Bridge to share time

Set up a Private Bridge using our proprietary technology and use paid time as a donation.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Build your brand and CSR. Engage employees to support company causes through volunteering and donations.

How will you participate?

Donate time, share your industry experience and knowledge
Donate time, share your industry experience and knowledge
Build your brand and Corporate Social Responsibility, advertise
Build a network, buy time with executives and experts
Promote your Charity/Nonprofit, your events and auctions

Registration Benefits

  • A free mini-site for promotion and awareness.
  • Free tools for events, ticketing, auctions, and more.
  • Recruit sponsorship using Private Bridge and events.
  • Promote volunteer opportunities and your cause.

How it works

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