Social Platform for Professionals, Executives, Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

iConnectX is a free social platform that connects Professionals, Executives, Experts, Companies and Nonprofit Organizations. Network with Executives, Professionals, Companies and Experts, follow their posts and success stories. Participate in events, auctions and private bridge meetings to help nonprofits.

Charities and Nonprofit Organizations raise funds, professionals connect with each other, companies increase brand awareness and corporate social responsibility. Register now by clicking Register in the top of this screen.

How it works:

iConnectX News

iConnectX will have a major launch in Oct 2018. Please register and enjoy our Open Beta version. We will notify all registrants when we are ready to launch.

Charities & Non-Profits

  •  Free platform to raise donations
  •  Run private and public auctions
  •  Market to new communities and users
  •  Manage and promote your events
  •  Recruit millennials to support your causes
  •  Tell your success stories
  •  No-cost setup and updates to your pages on our site


  •  Network and connect with other professionals
  •  Setup one-on-one meetings with executives
  •  Our platform helps to convert donated time to dollars
  •  Find Executives and Experts in a social setting
  •  Pick your charity(s) to support and make a difference
  •  Share your social causes easily on other social platforms
  •  Learn about various charities in your area and their causes


Network with Professionals, Executives and Mentors with access made easier through iConnectX platform. Connect for business, expertise and mentoring while you support causes.


Support charities and nonprofit organizations. Participate in events like auctions and fundraising drives to support and promote reputed charities.


Share your thoughts via blogs and articles. Platform for individuals and organizations to boost their professional, social and charitable image.