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6 Best Event Ticketing Software for Nonprofits!

Posted on Sep 23, 2021

A successful marketing campaign lures your donors to register for the fundraising event. If your event ticketing process is simple and positive, it will leave a good impression on the donor. Event ticketing software provides a smooth experience when registering for the non-profit fundraiser. 

How to Host a Successful Online Auction for Nonprofits

Posted on Sep 03, 2021

Charity auctions have been a great way to raise money for schools, campaigns, and nonprofits. After all, who doesn’t like to take home an aesthetic piece while also doing good with that money? Fundraising events focus on auctions because they have been a proven success model to raise the money desired. While previously, fundraising auctions were restricted by location, online fundraising has risen an opportunity for nonprofits to expand their reach.

Find Biggest Challenges that Every Nonprofit Faces When Fundraising

Posted on Aug 24, 2021

Fundraising is your organization’s lifeblood. It’s what allows you to achieve your mission, help others and keep bringing in more resources to fund those efforts further. But coming by those funds? That’s not easy feat.

What are Types of Nonprofit Donations

Posted on Aug 18, 2021

Raising money to support goals is a process that never stops in nonprofits. There is always an ongoing drive to attract new contributors while preserving connections. Both involve considerable work, attention, and a little planning. One of the toughest tasks at hand for non-profit professionals is to discover sources of income and choose the proper fundraising strategy for their organization.

Best Fundraising Tools Help You Raise Money

Posted on Aug 11, 2021

Nonprofits help the community through charitable activities. Charitable activities require funds that come in the form of donations from philanthropists. Donations are raised through fundraising activities that involve donors. Several fundraising tools help nonprofits generate funds easily.

The Importance of Social Media for Nonprofits

Posted on Aug 06, 2021

Since the day Facebook was launched, we have come a long way. Social Media seems to have become an integral part of our lives now. If you are not on social media your existence is questioned (quite literally). It is also why many brands have joined the bandwagon. For businesses, social media acts as a ground to display the company’s morals and vision being practiced.

Nonprofit Strategic Planning - Five Important Takeaways

Posted on Aug 06, 2021

Just like any “for-profit” organization, a nonprofit organization works towards an objective. Strategic planning for nonprofits gives a direction to the activities of the nonprofit so that they are aligned to its mission.

Virtual Event Platform - Time to Take Your Nonprofit Event Global!

Posted on Jul 22, 2021

The nonprofit event management landscape has undergone a major transformation in the recent past. While several nonprofits were still contemplating to what extent they need to adapt to technology, in came the pandemic and left them with no choice! In today’s virtual world, nonprofits must adopt technological innovations to offer their audience a better experience. Organizing virtual fundraising events is one technology-based migration that nonprofits cannot afford to ignore!

Fundraising Platform for a Nonprofit?

Posted on Jul 15, 2021

Build and manage your own fundraisers. Don’t stop at collecting donations, add in auctions, events with tickets, even donated time sold to support your fundraiser! If your nonprofit is shifting towards online fundraising platforms, you need the right fundraising platform for nonprofits to succeed.

Online Donation for Nonprofit – Fundraising Tool to Watch in 2021

Posted on Jul 15, 2021

Online fundraising accumulates millions of dollars every year using various online fundraising methods like online donations, ticketed events, text-to-give or text giving, or mobile giving. To make the donation process easy for you, here are some features and methods of the iConnectX online donation process. iConnectX tool is easy for donors to use for all levels of nonprofit fundraising. There are several fundraising sites available for both individuals and nonprofits. iConnectX has made it possible for both.

How to Succeed in Business When No One Can Pronounce Your Name

Posted on Nov 08, 2019

Varchasvi Shankar is President and CEO of iConnectX, as well as an IT entrepreneur who has built V2Soft into a multi-million-dollar, global operation serving Fortune 500 companies. He grew up in Mysore in the state of Karnataka, India.

Coaching vs Mentoring - What is the Difference

Posted on Sep 09, 2019

Coaching and mentoring are often used and interpreted interchangeably, especially in business contexts. However, there exists a difference between the two. It is important to note and be aware of this difference in order to enable organizations and individuals to rightly choose between the two. Depending on a case to case basis, effective decision making can be highly beneficial in employing a more effective strategy for personal or professional development.

Giving Back Has Never Been Easier!

Posted on Sep 09, 2019

Randy Lewis, the author of ‘No Greatness Without Goodness,’ states that all people, including companies, have the duty to make the world a better place. He began a movement that pushed Walgreens to hire differently abled people.

The Importance of Mentor

Posted on Sep 09, 2019

""A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.""-Bob Proctor Mentoring is when an individual shares his experience, skills, and knowledge to guide another to shape his future.

How to Become an Effective Philanthropist and Do Your Part for a Better World

Posted on Jun 19, 2019

Philanthropy is any act that is performed for the betterment of humanity. Philanthropy is derived from “Philos” which means loving and “Anthropos” meaning humankind. Acts of philanthropy are not done with the motive of generating a profit. Philanthropic giving is on a steady rise as donors across various demographics show an increased interest in various issues such as environmental, medical research, etc.

3 Ways Executives Efficiently Use Their Time for Mentoring

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

Most executives have a desire to mentor. It helps encourage growth within their own organizations, and it gives them a sense of fulfillment – putting their hard-won skills and talents to good use.  But mentoring is also time-consuming, and often, if the mentee isn’t fully engaged – or just the right fit for the mentor in the first place – it can mean even more lost time. And that’s just not something most executives are willing to risk. 

How Mentoring Improves Your Performance as an Executive

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

When it comes to mentoring, the benefits to the mentee are pretty obvious. They get expert guidance from a proven pro, personalized advice about their specific career and goals, and most importantly, connections with higher-ups in their organization and across their industry. It's a slam dunk in every sense of the phrase.

Executives Want to Donate to Charity: These 3 Hurdles Are Stopping Them

Posted on Jun 26, 2018

Executives Want to Donate to Charity: These 3 Hurdles Are Stopping Them Most busy executives want to donate to the charities and causes they care about – but actually making it happen? Well, that’s another story. Facing jam-packed schedules, a tenuous work-life balance and all kinds of demands and obligations outside the office, executives often let their charitable goals fall by the wayside.

How to Find A Mentor That Matches Your Needs

Posted on Jun 26, 2018

A mentor can be invaluable. They can guide you toward the right career path, share their hard-won experiences with you, and give you sage advice to help you on your journey. They may even open doors to new opportunities or jobs. But in order to offer all these amazing benefits? They first need to be the right fit. An ill-fitting mentor won't know what to say or where to guide you, nor will they have the experience or skills you need to learn from.

Watch Out For These Signs Of A Bad Mentoring Relationship

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

There’s nothing worse than a bad mentoring arrangement. Already strapped for time and zapped of energy, you shouldn’t be devoting yourself to anything that’s not of value -- both to you and your mentee -- especially given your hard-earned talent, skills, and experience. But how do you spot those bad mentoring relationships? How do you know when one’s just plain not working? 

Ideas for Empowering Your Volunteers to Make the Most of Holiday Fundraising

Posted on Dec 11, 2019

As a nonprofit fundraiser, you know that the period between Thanksgiving and New Year is one of the most important times to fundraise. After all, 30 percent of all donations are made in the month of December. And you’re likely feeling the pressure to meet your yearly fundraising goal… or raise a good chunk of your operating budget for the coming year.

How to be a Subject Matter Expert in your Favorite Cause

Posted on Dec 11, 2019

It’s wonderful to be passionate about a cause. It’s good for you and for the world. Since you are giving-minded, we at iConnectX want to plant a seed. There’s another level of commitment and awareness that’s good for you, for the world, and your career. It’s a commitment to immerse yourself in understanding your cause—the root challenges, overarching trends, and variety of approaches charities take to create social change.

How do you Ask Someone to be Your Mentor?

Posted on Jul 02, 2019

“A lot of people put pressure on themselves and think it will be way too hard for them to live out their dreams. Mentors are there to say, “Look it’s not that tough. It’s not as hard as you think. Here are some guidelines and things I have gone through to get to where I am in my career.”- Joe Jonas

The Value of Mentors: Learn From Mistakes, Without Making Them Yourself

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

We all make mistakes – that’s undeniable. It’s hard sometimes, but it’s also what allows us to learn, grow and improve ourselves – both personally and professionally.  But what if you could get those same benefits, without suffering the consequences and frustrations those mistakes come with? What if you could learn from your mistakes…without actually making them in the first place? 

Why Corporate Mentoring Programs are Not Enough

Posted on Jun 21, 2018

Why Corporate Mentoring Programs are Not Enough  Lots of corporations have in-house mentoring programs, and while the idea behind them is honorable, in the long run, they’re more beneficial for the organization than the actual individuals being mentored. 

Got Goals? 4 Ways A Mentor Can Help You Reach Them

Posted on Jun 15, 2018

Don’t have a mentor? You need one. And fast. Mentors are invaluable. No matter your position, industry or career trajectory, they’re often the missing link between you and your goals. The last rung on the ladder to penultimate success.

Networking Challenges All Professionals Face

Posted on May 18, 2018

Networking is vital to long-term career success. After all, how can you find bigger, better jobs, learn new skills or gain unique perspectives if you never venture outside that same, familiar bubble of colleagues and coworkers you’ve always had?