About Us

iConnectX is a free social platform that connects Professionals, Executives, Experts, and Companies with Charity/Nonprofit Organizations, increasing participation in events, auctions and donations.

Started in 2017, iConnectX is a product of Sqwirrel LLC, a Bloomfield Hills, Michigan company. This is the only social platform that enables Professionals to connect with Executives and Experts, bringing them together for the same cause while raising dollars for charity and nonprofit organizations.

Private Bridge is a patent pending technology of iConnectX that helps professionals connect with experts or executives for fees that are donated directly to charity and nonprofit organizations registered on the platform.

Direct donations, auctions and events are advertised and managed directly by registered organizations.

iConnectX is available through web and mobile platforms and there are no fees for Charities an Non-profits to be on the platform and to use its tools. This platform will revolutionize the way charities and non-profits connect with the millennials.

Vision Statement

Leveraging the power of professional networking to support causes, raise donations, and change the way professionals connect with and support charitable organizations.The only platform that enables Professionals to connect with Executives and Experts, bringing them together for the same cause.

Mission Statement

Transforming the way Professionals connect with executives and experts to mentor, while growing their social responsibility through charitable involvement and support. Through technology and insight, iConnectX will be the main social media stage connecting the world.


Leadership Team

varchasvi shankar CEO President iConnectX Varchasvi Shankar CEO/President

Varchasvi Shankar, President & CEO of iConnectX is a visionary with a passion to build and see iConnectX as one of the most unique social platforms in the industry. As an entrepreneur, Varchasvi offers more than 20 years of leadership, business strategy, operations, sales, marketing and innovation.

Arun Shanbhag Vice President Global Delivery iConnectX Arun Shanbhag Vice President Global Delivery

Arun is responsible for leading iConnectX platform and global delivery teams worldwide. He has over 25 years of global experience in the professional services industry dealing with enterprise software delivery and customer experience management.

Ray Drzala Customer Success Manager iConnectX Ray Drzala Customer Success Manager

Ray is responsible for the sales and marketing of iConnectX. He has over 20 years of experience in SaaS sales and marketing, with specialties in platform solution planning in multiple industries. His relationship building and nurturing enables his engagement with all industries.

Umesh Venkatesh Vice President Products & strategy iConnectX Umesh Venkatesh Vice President, Products & Strategy

Umesh is instrumental in establishing various quality process initiatives and delivery for iConnectX. He has also strategized and managed marketing and pre-sales process for recruiting onboarding organizations and companies. Resource Management and optimum utilization of all types of resource has been his key strength in controlling P/L across the organization.

Andrew Hong Marketing Strategist iConnectX Andrew Hong Marketing Strategist

Andrew Hong is a digital marketing strategist with 10+ years of experience in the areas of content marketing, social media marketing, email marketing and paid digital media. He has worked on integrated marketing campaigns across consumer products, financial services, real estate and technology

Kelly Nyland Marketing Strategist iConnectX Kelly Nyland Marketing Strategist

Kelly Nyland is a pioneer leader who has introduced emerging tech products to mass market through play. She has launched leading consumer brands in drone, robot, music, and wearable tech categories. Her executive roles span international marketing, sales product development and experience design.

Benjamin Monlezun User Interface User Experience Strategist iConnectX Benjamin Monlezun User Interface/User Experience Strategist

When you're young, self-starting can be the best way to get a job doing what you love. At both LEGO and Sphero I walked in the door and asked for a job. In my early twenty's I started my own wireless internet company, growing a mountain community of 250 telecommuters, to fund a second start-up.

Frank Ozmun Creative Strategist iConnectX Frank Ozmun Creative Strategist

A graphic designer, art director and fashion designer that has been involved within the fields of fashion, graphic arts and screen printing for 25 years. Frank provides the overall creative touch to iConnectX from color to content.