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3 Ways Executives Can Make Time for Meaningful Mentoring

3 Ways Executives Can Make Time for Meaningful Mentoring

Posted on May 18, 2018
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Mentoring offers value for both parties.

On the mentee’s end, they get expert-level guidance from a seasoned veteran and a clearer pathway toward professional success. And on the mentor’s side, there’s the chance to reflect on accomplishments and lessons learned, as well as meet up-and-coming talent in the industry.

But while the benefits of a meaningful mentoring arrangement are undeniable, many busy executives simply can’t find a way to work mentoring into their hectic schedules. Already struggling to balance their home and work lives, to them, mentoring is just another task on the to-do list.

Have you found yourself in the same boat, wishing you could help mold the minds of tomorrow but time-strapped and unable to get it on the schedule?

Here are some actionable tips that can help:

Turn mentoring sessions into mentoring-over-lunch.

You have to eat sometime, right? Why not turn those 20-minute lunches in the cafeteria into something meaningful – for both you and an industry colleague? It might be quick and done over a turkey sandwich, but as long as you’ve communicated the goals and topics of the meeting ahead of time, you should be able to churn out some productive conversation as you eat. If lunch doesn’t work, consider a coffee break mentoring session or even a bagel and mentoring just before work. Your mentee will likely work with your schedule as needed.

Block out the time way ahead of time.

Get out a calendar and block out an hour or two a month for your mentee, and do this for a full six months out. Setting your sessions this far ahead allows you to build your schedule around the mentoring, rather than squeezing it in somewhere among everything else. It also allows you to better prepare for your mentoring sessions, which means a better, more productive use of your time – and your mentee’s.

Try a mentoring platform.

A mentoring platform like iConnectX can allow you to allocate specific days, dates and times when you’re available for mentoring sessions – well ahead of time. Whether you already have a mentee or are open to accepting new ones, the platform will let you connect digitally via the bridge, so you never have to leave your office, home or desk and can easily offer mentoring wherever you are.

The iConnectX platform also allows you to turn your mentoring sessions into charitable donations. Each mentee who chooses you will pay a small fee, which will go to the charity or cause of your choice. It’s a great way to give back – both to the talent of tomorrow and to the community at large.

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