Answer :   A Charity page is a mini website created in iConnectX for all the Nonprofit Organization to promote the current Programs, volunteer opportunities, auctions and all their upcoming events to all the users to get additional donors.

Steps to Create Charity Page:

  1. Login to your Charity Account
  2. In the Charity Account dashboard click on your Charity name.
  3. You can now add your Trustees, Programs, Volunteer Opportunities, Upcoming Events and Auctions

Answer :

  • Login to your Charity Account
  • Click on Dashboard to see your Donations, IBridge Earnings, Auction/ Event earnings and Overall earnings.

Answer :

  • In your Charity Account, click on the Events tab, then click on “Host an Event”

  • Enter all the mandatory event details and Click on Save & Publish.

  • You will be directed to the Event page you just created, here you will add a banner Image by clicking on the camera icon

  • Your event is now running and listed in the iConnectX Marketplace.

Answer : Auction is a public sale in which goods or property are sold to the highest bidder. The auction items can be Donated Time from a sponsor, Electronics, Lifestyle/Experience.

Charities can use the Auction functionality to earn additional donations. Charity admin users can create an auction to sell donated time from celebrities or executive sponsors, or goods/services donated to their organization. It is easy to set up an auction through the Charity Admin account. If you want, we can set it up for you. Contact us at

  Auctions can be created in a few simple steps:

  • In your Charity Account, click on the Auctions tab and then click on the Host an Auction button
  • Enter the Auction item name and all the mandatory details.
  • Click on create Auction
  • Watch the bidding come in.

Answer :   Yes. You can invite iConnectX registered and unregistered members to follow your Charity.


  • Login to iConnectX charity account
  • Click on the Invite button
  • To invite the registered user, enter the Username and click on Search
  • To invite unregistered please enter a valid email id and click on invite