Mother’s Day is less than a month away. The holiday offers opportunities for nonprofits to raise money and celebrate the mothers in their lives. Read on to learn about five engaging fundraising ideas for Mother’s Day.

iConnectX’s Top Mother’s Day Fundraisers

  1. Mother’s Day Brunch

You can elect to host a brunch fundraiser at your site, restaurant, or winery. This is also an opportunity to involve sponsors, like local vendors, allowing for co-branding on all marketing content. Depending on the venue, you can ask local food trucks if they will park outside of the site on the event day. You will probably want to reach out to potential vendors and sponsors right away since Mother’s Day is soon.

  1. Coffee Break

Some moms would like to take the day off – so rather than asking them to put on makeup and dress up for brunch, you can deliver the party to your supporters. Organizations like Giving Bean and Grounds for Change offer coffee fundraising options with high-quality coffee, are easy to start and coordinate, provide custom labels and have no minimum fees. Often, organizations earn up to 40% profit. This is a great fundraiser to market on social media – don’t forget to employ peer-to-peer marketing!

  1. Mother’s Day Cards

Since Mother’s Day is one of the most significant days for greeting card sales behind Christmas and Valentine’s Day. This is an opportunity for your nonprofit’s marketing and development teams to team up and create unique greeting cards to sell. If your team has a graphic designer, have them incorporate your logo into the design and a heartfelt message for moms.

  1. Inspirational Women

Do you know women with impactful stories? How about board members, volunteers and donors? Request they share their stories on video for a marketing campaign and why they work with your nonprofit.

Storytelling is at the heart of your nonprofit. To fundraise, it’s important to share updates, impact stories and news consistently with your followers. During this campaign, request donations of specific amounts and explain why you set the goal. Is it to fund a particular program? Be specific. Also, choose comprehensive fundraising software with secure and versatile donation options like the ones we offer on iConnectX.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Hopefully, your organization has strong connections with local restaurants. This is an opportunity to make the most of these connections to get some Mother’s Day breakfast in bed boxes. Contact a restaurant in your community and ask them to donate (or sell for a reasonable price) a limited quantity of breakfast or brunch boxes. Social media is a great platform to leverage for marketing this event and offer to deliver the packages with a personal touch. Ask staff and volunteers to assist in delivering the boxes on Mother’s Day and have extra boxes available for your volunteers.

The Final Word 

Use these easy fundraising ideas to celebrate moms and help your cause. Plan as far in advance as possible and get the word out. If your timing is right, you have the right tools and ideas, and you can make your fundraiser successful.

iConnectX is a comprehensive fundraising platform that offers everything you need to plan, manage and host fundraisers. We offer text-to-give, and we have an app that makes it easy for you and your supporters to participate from wherever they are. Reach out to us today to get started!