Selecting the best nonprofit event management platform may be overwhelming. When you look at the features offered by different platforms, you might feel that your nonprofit needs every feature you see. The first step is to outline what your organization requires and wants; then, you can compare products.

When it comes to event and auction software, ensure the platform is customizable and simplifies all aspects of ticketing, registration, and hosting. Choose a user-friendly event management platform that’s efficient.

Event ticketing is an integral part of hosting a nonprofit event because it determines your attendees’ kind of experience. Also, good event ticketing software minimizes your efforts and reduces the time spent on ticketing. Minimizing efforts means more time to focus on other event planning activities, like marketing and promoting.

The iConnectx event ticket management platform offers these and several other event ticketing features that streamline the process. With that said, here is an overview of five features your event software needs:

  1. Offer Multiple Ticketing Options

Make sure that the event ticketing software facilitates creating different packages for ticketing.

You might want to create unique packages such as:

  • VIP package, which you might offer to the donors who make heavy donations. The event registration must facilitate separate registration for your VIP guests. The software must also create special seating arrangements for VIP guests.
  • You might offer early bird tickets to incentivize early registration for the event. The event ticket management system must offer the feature to generate a package for early bird tickets.
  • You may offer group discounts, and this will need a different process.
  • For some events, you might consider giving away free tickets for a limited period
  • You will also need your event ticketing software to offer regular registration for new donors or those who do not fall in the above categories.

Whatever type of ticketing option you use, the event management platform must include features that facilitate online registration by the guests and collect the registration information. Choose software that synchronizes the data collected with your online directory.

iConnectx is an event management software that makes it easy to include different types of ticketing options seamlessly. This platform also collects essential information and updates it in your online directory.

  1. Event Page

When hosting an event, you will want to spread the word. Choose an event management platform that helps you create a specific page on your website dedicated to the event. A unique webpage enables you to showcase the event, and website visitors can get all the relevant information about the event through this page.

Event pages, also known as a microsite, help promote the event and simplify ticket sales. We recommend customizing the event page with your brand’s colors, including the logo. Appropriate branding sends the message that the event is a part of your organization.

Also, keep in mind that a unique event page is relatively simple to promote on social media channels. Share the link of your event page on your social profiles, and request that your supporters, volunteers, and team members publicize it on their pages, too. If your event has sponsors, include details about sponsors on your event page.

With the iConnectx platform, creating unique pages for each event facilitates registration and provides all necessary event information is simple.

  1. Accessible on all Devices

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly. You must ensure that your event ticketing software is mobile-friendly. A mobile-friendly ticketing feature will help your nonprofit tap into the vast market of smartphone users. In addition to mobile phones, your event registration must be available on other devices such as desktop computers, tablets, and laptops.

The iConnectx platform offers a seamless experience across different devices. Your website loads quickly on all devices, and the information on the pages is displayed clearly on all devices.

The donors can get all the information on the device of their choice and make donations through these devices.

  1. Offer Easy Payment Options

Offer user-friendly payment options to donors. Choose software that includes text-to-give, text-to-donate, and scan to give options. It should also offer secure online payment options where donors can make payments through the website or social media pages. Make sure that you offer secure payment options to your donors.

Make sure that you include offline ticketing options as well. You can offer door-to-door tickets sales where donors can pay in cash or cheque for the event registration.

Offering multiple ticketing options motivates more donors to participate in the event.

One cause for concern could be that you might oversell tickets. But iConnectx has that covered. This event ticketing software puts a cap on the number of tickets sold and ensures that your ticket sales stay on track.

  1. Simplify the Event Check-in Process

A typical event registration system involves checking the names of attendees in elaborate spreadsheets, a tedious and time-consuming process. Your staff and volunteers will be busy organizing attendee check-in. Also, a slow check-in process inconveniences attendees, making them line up in long queues and wait. All of this adds up to an event experience to avoid. Using the iConnectx event ticketing software avoids all of these issues and provides a great experience to the attendees, staff, and volunteers.

The iConnectx platform offers check-in through different devices. In other words, your attendees can check in on their own devices; smartphones, tablets, or computers. If attendees check in on their own, they avoid waiting in line, and they can enter your event as early as they like.

A seamless check-in process also frees up the time spent by staff and volunteers, so they’ll have ample time to focus on other aspects of the event and offer an excellent experience to the attendees. As far as data collection is concerned, the iConnectx platform will take care of it. The software contains all the essential data and updates the system.

In addition to these features, the iConnectx platform includes sending automated thank-you messages to attendees and collecting feedback. It also consists of a data analytics feature that provides valuable insights into the event ticketing process.

So, if you are looking for seamless event management, choose a platform that offers all these five features.

The iConnectx platform is a cost-effective solution that offers all these features and more that enable you to provide a great event experience to your attendees.