The number of smartphone users has increased from 3668 billion users in 2016 to 6378 billion users in 2021. (Source: Responsive websites and mobile-friendly methods to donate are no longer an option but a must for nonprofits. One of the most convenient ways of donating using a mobile is text-to-give.

Text to give has become a must-have fundraising option for nonprofits in recent times because of the highly increased screen times of smartphone users during COVID 19. In a survey conducted on 1300 consumers, marketers, and businesses in 2021, 61% of the mobile users say that the time they spend on texting has increased significantly due to COVID. (Source: So, if nonprofits are not offering text-to-give as a method for donating, they are missing out on a huge opportunity!

Text-to-give seems to have become a buzzword in recent times. It is known by different names like text giving, mobile giving, text-to-pledge(if donors pledge to donate a specific amount), etc.

What is Text to give?

Text to give is a method of donating to a charity with the help of a simple text message.

Here’s how it works:

The donor is required to send a specified keyword to a short code. The keyword indicates the charity for which the funds are being donated and the short code is a string of numbers which is a shortened mobile number.

The keyword and the shortcode are specified by the nonprofit that is raising the funds.

There are two ways in which the donation is transferred to the nonprofit:

Text to give: The amount to be donated is added to the mobile bill of the donor. The nonprofit receives donations from the mobile services provider. The main drawback of this method is that cellphone providers usually put a cap on the number of funds that can be donated.

Text To donate: In this method, the donors are directed to a donation page when they text the keyword. They will need to register and fill a form furnishing the details required. They can directly donate the amount to the nonprofit.

Each of these methods has its pros and cons. Nonprofits choose either of the methods for fundraising using mobile. A fundraising platform is required to set up and implement text to donate.

Once the nonprofit receives the donation, the donor receives an acknowledgment from the nonprofit, thanking them for the donation.

The average text to donate amount is $107. (Source: indicates that text-to-donate has the potential to attract large donations.

Text to give is an effective fundraising strategy for large events wherein the nonprofit is already connected with donors through presentations, videos, etc. Some examples where the text to give is used are events like galas, outdoor fairs, and more.

One of the recent examples of a successful Text to give campaign is by First Responders Children’s Foundation in March 2020. They organized a living room concert hosted by Elton John. In this fundraiser, the donors needed to message the keyword “Thanks” to the short code 76278 to donate. This campaign generated $140000. (Source:

Another well-known and extremely successful text-to-give campaign is the one organized by American Red Cross for the 2010 Haiti Earthquake. A staggering $21 million was raised during the text-to-give campaign.

Text to give is popular among donors and nonprofits love it too!

Donors like the text to give because it is convenient. Donors can donate easily from anywhere at any time. It is a secure method of donation. Donors can donate any amount without carrying cash.

Why Nonprofits Love Text to Give?

Nonprofits love text to give because of a myriad of benefits this method offers:

  1. Reach a Wide Audience

The number of cell phone users is constantly increasing. In a survey conducted in 2021 on 1300 consumers, business owners, and marketers in the US, it was found that 78% of the consumers check, send, and answer text messages throughout the day. (Source: So, offering a text-to-give method to donors helps nonprofits reach a wide audience.

  1. Convenience to Donors

It is a fast and easy way to donate to nonprofits for donors. They do not require credit cards or remember to send a cheque, etc. All they need to do is type in a message.

  1. Easy to Operate

Once the nonprofit has the right software to implement text to give, it can be set up to offer a convenient method to donors. Donors are familiar with texting and do not require any training on how to use text-to-give.

  1. Can be Integrated with an Existing Infrastructure

The system of the smartphone providers, users, and billing, etc. is already set up and operational. The infrastructure has been working smoothly for years. Integrating text-to-give to the already operational system requires minimal expenses and efforts by the nonprofit. Besides, the audience is already familiar with texting.

  1. Promotion Is Easy

Most text-to-give platforms facilitate the promotion and marketing of the fundraising campaign. Therefore, promoting the campaign becomes easy for the nonprofit.

  1. Provides Valuable Insights

The software used provides insights about the campaign that helps nonprofits optimize future campaigns.

  1. Provides Details About Donors

In a text to donate campaign, donors are required to furnish details like their name and contact details like their phone number, email address, etc. This helps nonprofits establish a personal connection with donors.

  1. Attracts More Donations

Since the number of smartphone users is increasing at a very fast pace, this method can reach a wide audience easily. The convenience this method offers encourages donors to contribute more.

Donations can be made by donors on the go. They do not have to be physically present at an event to donate to a cause.

Donors are not restricted by the amount of cash they have in person, they can donate any amount using text messages.

It encourages impulse donations. When you promote your charity and your audience likes what they see and feel the urge to donate, they can donate instantly using text-to-give on their smartphones. They don’t need to be physically present anywhere or have cash in hand.

  1. Can be Used with Other Fundraising Campaigns

Many text-to-give platforms facilitate integrating the text-to-give campaign with other fundraisers. This reduces the expenses of organizing separate fundraisers and attracts more donations.

  1. Recurring Donations

Some text-to-give platforms support recurring donations by facilitating giving by just repeating the keyword and sending the message. The donors are not required to fill forms, etc. every time.

One of the key elements in organizing successful text-to-give campaigns is the software used for the campaign. The nonprofit must select a platform that caters to all its needs. There are several platforms available for implementing text-to-give campaigns. iConnectx is one of the best platforms for hosting a text-to-give campaign. It is best suited for any fundraising campaign by nonprofits because it provides end-t-end features for organizing any fundraising campaign.