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Giving Back Has Never Been Easier!

Giving Back Has Never Been Easier!

Posted on September 9, 2019
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Randy Lewis, the author of ‘No Greatness Without Goodness,’ states that all people, including companies, have the duty to make the world a better place. He began a movement that pushed Walgreens to hire differently abled people.

It is important to do charity and to give back to people from different places and backgrounds. In 2011, Foresters conducted a survey that revealed that 90% of people donate in money. However, this is the time when people started making a shift. Not everyone can afford to donate money. People are finding other ways to give back to the community. Charities accept much more than money. One of the best things people can do is to choose to donate time to charities. Doing actual volunteer work can help a lot of charities and the people they work with. It is important to remember that donating can extend beyond cash and giving time helps with the actual logistics of a charity.

There are several charities, to begin with if one wishes to donate time. The websites of different charities often highlight their volunteering options and can make it easier for one to donate. Besides those websites, people sometimes go through research organizations such as do-it and Volunteering England. Organizations such as these often help people from various places donate to charities of their choice and make donations beyond money.

How do I begin?

Often people are confused about how exactly they can donate to charity. Often, charities themselves explain how to donate to charity. The research organizations also help volunteers realize this. Sometimes, it helps when organizations offer paid time off for volunteering. This allows employees under their systems to engage in charitable acts without fearing a lack of income or facing undue pressure at work. High school students and college graduates can easily find help in learning how to donate to charity through several websites and portals that make the process easier. The process of donating to charity has become easier and more accessible to more numbers of people.

There are several ways to give. Sometimes people choose to donate to charity individually and directly. Other times, they go through organizations or pool resources with family members to make sure a sizable contribution is donated. This also inspires others to start giving back to causes they are concerned about.

What can I give to charity?

Apart from money, there are many things one can do to give back to the community. The survey by Foresters found that 57% of people choose to donate their old items, while 43% like to volunteer their time.

Donate your time

This is an extremely undervalued but highly useful donation. Charities often need extra help and volunteers to make sure they can get help and aid to those who most need it. Whether it is logistical work or on-the-ground tasks, charities can use a volunteer’s time to ensure smooth functioning.

There are several ways to volunteer your time to charity. It can be organizational and logistical help or hands-on ground level work. Often, one must make the charitable organization aware of their skills and the organization can find a role best suited to one’s skill set and interest.

It is also important to understand how to donate your time to charity. One must identify charities that they would be willing to work for. These are usually charities that work in line with one’s interests and causes that the volunteer is sensitive to. Quantifying and qualifying what one can offer allows the organization to assign a volunteer role that you can fulfill. Be clear in stating how long the commitment you are making would be and what skills you have to offer. If there are tasks you are unwilling to do, it is better to state this at the onset. After this, if you commit, you must honor it.

Donate old items

It is important when making donations to ensure that you understand what items are really needed by people in need. Often, people donate old clothes and books. But it is very important to understand that people require a lot more than this. Donations such as basic hygiene products, toilet paper, pads and tampons, first aid kits, diapers, socks, blankets, school supplies, old phones and old cycles, sturdy bags and other items of daily use can really make a difference when given to the right charity.

Give blood

Blood can save lives. Most people in good health can donate blood. Blood banks are often short on blood. In cases of accidents or chronic illnesses such as leukemia having the right blood at the right time can make all the difference. Donating blood is easy, and most places have blood banks that function and accept donations throughout the year. Blood drives are conducted in many places and are frequent. This also allows people to easily donate their blood.

Become an organ donor

Only 29% of people in the USA have registered to become organ donors. Like blood, organs can often help people live better and fuller lives. Registering is a simple process and upon your death, several people can benefit from donated organs. It can allow a blind person to see or other people to gain vital organs such as kidneys.


Organizations that work with charities often make donations to charities if a member takes part in their annual general meeting.

Record books for the blind and visually impaired

Often, people, those with an inability to see are extremely appreciative when people do this. An audio recording allows more people to enjoy a story. The audiobook charity Caliber uses over 80 volunteers to make available books that are not commercially available in audiobook formats.

Donate old electronics

Donating old computers and cell phones can make a huge difference. Computers for Charities has recycled over 25000 used computers and donated them in over 105 countries. These resources are extremely useful as donations to schools. They can also help immensely when donations are made to those who need these devices for personal use.

Donating at times of crisis

During natural disasters, help often comes pouring in. However, this is usually not enough. People do not always donate what is most needed and donated items go to waste. It is important at such times to donate non-perishable foods, blankets, clothes, shoes, bathroom supplies, first aid, among other things. Organizing relief drives that properly identify what is specifically needed by those in crisis can help people donate better.

In Conclusion

It can be seen that it is easier to donate today than it has ever been in the past. If one wishes to give back, there are so many ways to do it. One does not always have to donate in terms of money. It can help to make donations of any nature. You can also choose where to donate and how much to donate; even in terms of time! It is important that we all start giving back and building a better and stronger community.

In recent times charity has become easier due to the availability of online platforms such as iConnectX!