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List of Best Charities to Donate Fund in 2019

List of Best Charities to Donate Fund in 2019

Posted on Dec 20, 2018

Are you looking for the list of best charities to donate the funds? Here are some interesting facts before that, during 2017, American individuals, estates, philanthropists, organizations across the U.S. have donated a whopping sum of $390.05Bn.

Do you know that the individual with age group 50-65+ donated 3 times more than the age group 20-35 years?

Donating time, money and other efforts to your best charities is a generous act and a bit relief from the tax deduction. The genericity index of individuals and corporations donating fund to nonprofit is growing YOY. It is expected that the donated fund to charitable organizations will cross $400Bn.

Plenty of charities raise loads of funds to run many social causes, events, and other programs, but many use large portions of their fund in marketing, administration expenses, staff salary and the limited amount goes for social causes. And unfortunately, some of the charities are not more than the smoke-and-mirror schemes.

Choosing the best charity to donate fund by name is a mistake some donors make. A donor must make a background check of nonprofit organizations before making any donations.

An individual can get benefit by donating the money to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations. You can exempt the amount you donated to your best charities from tax deductions.

An individual must research on following things before donating fund to your best charity:

Factors to Make Decision in Choosing the Charity

The first doubt comes in the mind of donor is How to choose which charity to support? Deciding to help a charity is one thing but which charity you want to support is another thing. Look at sites like or to get a feel for what charities are out there. Start to research about each charity and make a list of your best charities where you want to donate fund and make sure they are accountable towards you and society.

Some of the factors help you to decide which charity to donate fund:

Type of Charity:

You want to donate to local charities or international charities. You can research the local charities in your locality who are working towards the upliftment of your neighbourhood. Even your small donation towards the charity makes a big impact and you can monitor whether you are utilized properly or not.

501(c)3 Charity vs Non 501(c)3 Charity List

Make a list of all the local and international registered nonprofit organizations and list out the 501(c)3 charities and other nonprofit organizations. You can exempt a bit of your salary from tax deduction by donating the fund to such nonprofit organizations. And, a surety that your money is going in the hand of right charitable organization.

Category of Nonprofit Organization

Every donor wants good charities to donate fund to make an impact on the society. Some generous donor wants to see an overall development of the society or some wants to donate for a reason like supporting the charity working towards the hunger, development of women, working towards women sanitary and hygiene, education, water crisis or maybe wanting to donate the fund in the natural calamity.

Support Your Charity

You can support your best charity not just by donating fund but by donating your time and efforts also. When using the iConnectX platform, your expertise becomes a fundraising tool.

Here's how it works: professionals pay for mentoring sessions with executives of their choice, and portions of their fees go straight to charity – any charity the executive has designated.

Click here to find Forbes America's Top Charities 2018

The above list includes several that are currently on iConnectX

List of Charities on iConnectX

Name of Charity Website Industry Description
Adelante Mujeres Education & Training Adelante Mujeres educates and empowers low income Latina women and their families through holistic programs that ensure their full participation and active leadership in the community. We offer education, empowerment, and enterprise in Washington County, Oregon.
Centro Multicultural La Familia Social Welfare To provide culturally-competent support services to families in a holistic approach in order to improve their quality of life.
Michigan STEM Partnership Education & Training The mission of the Michigan STEM Partnership is to provide statewide connections and communications between employers, educators, students and parents, community and professional organizations, and policy-makers, providing strategic support for the development of resources and programs that provide for the effectiveness and sustainability of STEM education and talent.
Detroit Malayalee Association Community It was a great drive and dream of the Malayalees in Detroit and neighboring suburbs to have an association whose main objective is that of preserving and maintaining the culture and heritage of Kerala amongst Detroit Malayalees. This craving led to the inception
Lets Go Detroit Children & Youth Let's Go Detroit is a non-profit charitable organization focused on improving the Detroit's neighborhoods and communities via volunteering events, donation efforts, and educational ventures.
North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy Environment North Oakland Headwaters Land Conservancy is a community supported conservancy dedicated to preserving the natural resources in northwest Oakland County and surrounding areas. We accomplish our goals of preserving land by purchasing land or acquiring easements on properties.
United Way for Southeastern Michigan Social Welfare United Way for Southeastern Michigan mobilizes the caring power of Detroit and Southeastern Michigan to improve communities and individual lives in measurable and lasting ways by improving lives and empowering every family to succeed by uniting around education, economic prosperity and health — the cornerstones of a strong
Turning Point inc Children & Youth Turning Point's mission is to provide programs and resources that enable victims/survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault to regain control of their lives.
Global Alliance for Entrepeneurship and Business Development International Development The Global Alliance for Entrepreneurship and Business Development — Global AEBD -- is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand entrepreneurship learning, training, and opportunities (social and for-profit) with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. EmpreSomos – Central America, is the current main Global.
Farmington Family YMCA Children & Youth Farmington Family YMCA Mission Statement: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that help healthy spirit, mind and body for ALL. The Farmington Family YMCA is seeking assistance with our Annual Campaign. Each year we provide assistance to youth and families in our community
Ten Thousand Villages of Huron Valley Employments, Trades & Professions From communities throughout the developing world, every inspired design is crafted with love using local materials (usually natural or recycled) and time-honoured skills by makers we have known and worked with for years. Every purchase improves the lives of makers by supporting their craft and providing a fair, stable income.
Special Ministries of Livingston County Disabled Special Ministries of Livingston County is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides quality programming for individuals living with cognitive and physical disABILITIES offering growth in personal relationships, continuous learning, recreation, and spiritual development.
Hands and Feet 24/7 Community The mission of Hands and Feet 24/7 is to establish a mutually beneficial gathering space for the residents of Taylors, SC and the entities that serve them for the purpose of establishing community development programs, facilitating Gospel-centered education and job training, and housing representatives of organizations from across the Greater Greenville area.
Love to the Nations Religious Love to the Nations exists to share the love of Jesus Christ to the nations, both in word and in deed and to encourage believers to rise up and live the extraordinary life God has called them to live.
Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley Housing Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley works to enrich Washtenaw County through a legacy of affordable home ownership for families of low-income. Habitat for Humanity of Huron Valley is a source of hope and inspiration for Washtenaw County, the State of Michigan and the entire world. We are a leader in enabling more citizens to have greater opportunities to improve their lives through homeownership.
Community Action Network Children & Youth Community Action Network partners with children, youth, and families from under-resourced Washtenaw County neighborhoods to create better futures for themselves and improve the communities in which they live.
Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation Education & Training Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation fuels the passion for music by funding programs and scholarships for students and teachers who possess the desire, but lack the resources or access to achieve their potential within the music industry. Through generous corporate sponsorships by industry powerhouses Ernie Ball Strings, Guitar Center, J&R Adventures, and donors like YOU!, KTBA has been able to fund music projects affecting over 50,000 students in all 50 states since 2013! We accomplish this by making weekly donations to music projects in schools and merit based scholarships all over the country.
Hope Clinic Hearing Impairments Hope Clinic provides compassionate and practical help to those in need. We offer medical care and dental care to the uninsured, plus a variety of social services to minister to the whole person.
The Wishwall Foundation Community The Wishwall Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization and social community. The Foundation is built on the “pay it forward” philosophy. Its core principals are to give a voice to the voiceless and to help make meaningful wishes come true. The Wishwall Foundation is multi-faceted. It consists of The Wishwall Online and The Wishwall in Every City, where people can express their wishes and where the Foundation inspires them to help each other and grant those dreams that are more meaningful.
Childrens Hospital of Michigan Foundation Children & Youth The Children's Hospital of Michigan Foundation supports pediatric research, education, community benefit programs, and other initiatives that improve the health of children in Michigan.
Life Remodeled Community We exist to bridge people across divides in order to help transform each other's lives – investing approximately $5 million in cash, labor and materials into one Detroit neighborhood each year. Projects are determined by the community's needs and vision, and we assist in three areas: Remodeling a community asset, repairing owner-occupied homes, and mobilizing 10,000 volunteers to beautify 300 city blocks in six days.
The Appropriate Technology Collaborative International Development The Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) creates technologies and programs that provide opportunity and dignity for the world's poor. ATC works in collaboration with our clients to create programs that are culturally sensitive, environmentally responsible and locally repairable in order to improve quality of life and reduce adverse impacts on the environment. ATC is recognized as one of the top 100 sustainable enterprises by Sustainia and the United Nations Compact for Sustainable Development.
InsideOut Literary Arts Project Children & Youth By immersing students in the joy and power of poetry and literary self-expression, InsideOut inspires them to think broadly, create bravely and share their voices with the wider world. Guided by professional writers and celebrated by publications and performances, youth learn that their stories and ideas matter and that their pens can launch them off the page into extraordinary lives.
Winning Futures Children & Youth Celebrating 25 years of award-winning service, Winning Futures empowers youth to succeed through mentoring, strategic planning, and workforce preparation. We help high school students see a path to a purposeful career and assist them in creating a road map to get there, transforming them into self-reliant, employable, and productive adults.
MedGlobal Medical Welfare MedGlobal is an international medical non-profit organization providing health services to people in need, including refugees and displaced persons, in disaster and underserved regions. Our team is composed of medical and public health volunteers of diverse backgrounds, working together for the common good, advocating for equitable healthcare policies, adhering to best practices and humanitarian ethics, utilizing innovation in medical technology, and focusing on sustainable impact. Our global reach and diversity allows us to operate where few can.
LLEM International Inc Children & Youth Lamp & Light Evangelical Ministries Inc. (LLEM International) (EIN: 81-1454115) is a 501(c)(3) Christian Missionary Organization with a mandate of reaching out to the basic needs of men, women and children. We aim to empower and impact lives. We present the word of God as a solution to global crisis. Our goal is to help as many hurting humans as we possibly can. We strive to eliminate human suffering and to express love as a fundamental element for human development and international cooperation. We provide food, clothing, educational materials and medical care to the less privileged throughout the world.
PowerMyLearning Education & Training PowerMyLearning is a national nonprofit founded in 1999 that has worked in more than 100 school communities across the country, and with more than 60,000 students, to leverage technology to raise student achievement. We support teachers, students, and their families via a diverse set of programs and services, family engagement support, teacher professional development, and PowerMyLearning Connect (our K-12 online learning platform). PowerMyLearning began its local work in Greater Atlanta in 2007.
Kyyba Kidz Foundation Children & Youth Kyyba Kidz Foundation was founded as a dedication to the cause of improving the lives and education of orphans and underprivileged individuals by raising the required resources through community participation. We help kids achieve great heights. We want to be active partners in the educational development through participation of scholastic and advancement opportunities while receiving and administering funds to other domestic and international nonprofit organizations that are involved in education, literacy and mentoring of orphans and underprivileged individuals.
International Oasis International To provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to Oakland University international students in order to inspire and equip them to meet the needs of the global poor.
Global Giving Foundation Inc International Development Global Giving is the largest global crowdfunding community connecting nonprofits, donors, and companies in nearly every country. We help nonprofits from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe (and hundreds of places in between) access the tools, training, and support they need to be more effective and make our world a better place.
AIM for SEVA Education & Training The All India Movement (AIM) for SEVA (Service) is not just a 'schooling' initiative. Nor is it for merely sheltering the underprivileged. It is an integrated community development program, reaching out to rural and tribal children across 15 Indian states.
Wildlife Conservation Foundation Environment Wildlife Conservation Foundation is a registered charity trust started in the year 2007, with the primary objective of wildlife conservation.
Michigan Council of Women in Technology STEM Every day we work toward our mission to inspire and grow women in technology. A diverse IT workforce is a vital part of Michigan's transformation and we strive to engage and retain female professionals here.

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