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The Ultimate Guide to Converting Event Donors to Reliable Monthly Givers

The Ultimate Guide to Converting Event Donors to Reliable Monthly Givers

Posted on May 26, 2023
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Event fundraising is crucial to nonprofits. And converting event donors into reliable monthly donors is an important goal for any nonprofit, as it helps sustain operations and provides a more predictable revenue stream.

Here are some smart strategies for conversion.

  • Follow up promptly

    After an event, promptly reach out to event donors to express gratitude for their support. Send personalized thank-you notes or emails, highlighting the impact their contribution made. Use this opportunity to introduce the concept of monthly giving and explain its importance.

  • Clearly communicate the need and mission of your organization

    Clearly articulate the ongoing need for support and how monthly donations can make a substantial difference. Provide specific examples of how recurring contributions enable long-term planning, program expansion, or the ability to serve more beneficiaries effectively.

  • Showcase impact and success stories

    Share success stories and testimonials that illustrate the positive impact of monthly donors’ support. Use different mediums like videos, social media posts, newsletters, or your organization’s website to highlight real-life examples of how sustained giving has transformed lives.

  • Be warm and lively at event talk

    At every event where someone has purchased a ticket, give a warm, polished thank you talk and bring up monthly giving and the importance of the mission of your nonprofit. Don’t go on too long though.

  • Offer convenient giving options

    Make it easy for event donors to transition to monthly giving by providing multiple convenient options. Offer online fundraising platforms, such as a dedicated donation page or mobile app, where donors can set up recurring donations with a few clicks. Provide clear instructions and ensure the process is user-friendly.

  • Create a monthly giving program if you don’t have one

    Develop a specific monthly giving program that showcases its benefits. Consider naming the program to give it identity and exclusivity, such as “ChangeMakers Club” or “Hope Partners.” Perhaps name it after a founder or prominent staffer or donor with long tenure, such as “Lucille’s Gang.” Provide program members with exclusive benefits like behind-the-scenes updates, invitations to special events, or early access to news and resources.

  • Set giving levels

    Clearly define giving levels for monthly donors, allowing them to choose a level that suits their capacity. Present various options, such as bronze, silver, gold, or basic, standard, premium, to cater to different donor preferences. Clearly communicate the impact associated with each giving level.

  • Offer incentives and recognition

    Incentivize monthly giving by offering small perks or rewards to donors who commit to recurring contributions. This could include branded merchandise, access to exclusive content, or recognition on your organization’s website or annual report. Publicly acknowledge and appreciate monthly donors to reinforce their commitment.

  • Leverage peer-to-peer fundraising

    Encourage event donors to become advocates by setting up their own fundraising campaigns on behalf of your nonprofit. Such as for their birthday. Facebook is full of birthday-related GoFundMe campaigns. Make sure your organization has a site on GofundMe or another giving platform to facilitate this.

  • Keep donors engaged

    Maintain regular communication with event donors-turned-monthly-donors to keep them engaged and connected to your mission. Send them updates on the impact of their donations, success stories, and organizational news. Use a newsletter platform to keep them update with a monthly newsletter update with links to blog items.

Remember, building strong relationships and trust with your event donors is crucial for converting them into reliable monthly donors. By effectively communicating your organization’s mission, impact, and the value of sustained giving, you can increase the likelihood of long-term support.

You can use fundraiser software to manage your events, such as online auctions, as well as event ticketing for nonprofits. iConnectX is free to nonprofits and can help with keeping your donors part of your team.