Building Your Prospect List: 3 Tips for Nonprofits

Building Your Prospect List: 3 Tips for Nonprofits

Posted on Sep 14, 2018

When you’re launching a new campaign – or even a completely new nonprofit, for that matter – initial lead generation can be hard. 

You know you need to get your cause in front of the right people – the movers, shakers, and donors who can make a difference – but how do you identify who those people are? More importantly, how do you connect with them, cultivate those leads, and provide them with what they need to join your movement? Here are some tips to help: 

Look for Companies that Share Your Values 

Start from the top. Find organizations, corporations, and businesses that support your same causes and align with your general values and mission. Use a tool, like, to find email addresses for top-ranking executives at the organizations you’ve identified. Simply search the domain name for the company in question and you’ll have direct email addresses to the company’s top officials in seconds. 

If you can’t find the addresses you need in Hunter, consider using LinkedIn to reach out (send an InMail message), or use good old Google to find an alternate form of contact. These days, it’s never a lack of resources, it’s a lack of resourcefulness! 

Utilize a Good CRM 

Customer Relationship Management tools are crucial – both at the beginning of your nonprofit’s journey and also once you’ve established yourself as a successful nonprofit. At first, they allow you to easily sort, manage, and store all your new contacts – the leads you’ll be cultivating and nurturing over the coming years. These tools can even help you track your leads through your sales funnel, so you can ensure that proper follow up and personalization of your touchpoints with each and every one of them. 

Later on in the sales funnel, CRMs can function as valuable learning tools. With tons of historical data on every lead you’ve interacted with, you possess the ability to better understand your donor base, as well as what they need to convert and take action with your cause. 

Leverage an Email Management Tool 

Solutions like MailChimp and Constant Contact can help you create rich, targeted, and most importantly, automated email campaigns that connect with leads at exactly the right point in the sales funnel. 

They also cut down on the time it takes your team to nurture leads, and also allow you to track detailed data points like open rates, link clicks, and more. Many email tools even have built-in design functions that help make your campaigns look better visually, too. 

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