How to Choose Which Charity to Support

How to Choose Which Charity to Support

Posted on Jul 19, 2018

Deciding to help a charity is one thing, but choosing which charity is deserving of your time, money and effort? That’s a whole different ball game. 

There are thousands upon thousands of charities out there, aiming to alleviate everything from childhood hunger or homelessness to heartworms in dogs. How do you choose which one is right for you? Which ones will use your funds appropriately? Which ones are better than the rest? 

Just follow these three easy steps: 

Start Big 

Look at sites like or to get a feel for what charities are out there.  

On MyPhilanthropedia, for example, you can browse through dozens of different categories, from workforce development and climate change to education and social equality. Click on any category that’s of interest to you and see a ranking of top charities within that field. Pick a few that stand out to you and start making a short list of potential charities you can donate to. 

Learn More About Each Charity 

Take your short list and do some preliminary research on each. Go to their websites and read their mission statements. Browse their recent projects and efforts and see if they resonate with your goals and values. 

You should also dig in and see if the charity is local, statewide, national or international. Are you looking to better your immediate community or are you hoping to improve countries or populations worse off than yours? Make sure the charity aligns with your ideal level of impact. 

Make Sure They’re Accountable 

By this point, you should have pinpointed two or three charities you’re considering, so now it’s time to dig a little deeper. Before you donate time or money to any organization, you want to make sure they’re going to use those resources honestly and that they’ll make some sort of measurable impact.  

Browse the charity’s website and look for recent news articles on the organization (try a search on Make sure there are no recent stories about any scandals or misuses of money and try to locate a long-term plan for the organization. What milestones are they working toward? Do they have measurable goals they’re looking to achieve?  

You can also look for reviews of the charity on sites like or or use a site like iConnectX, and only give to professionally, pre-vetted organizations. 

Giving your time and resources to charity is a noble thing – but don’t do it blindly. Sign up for iConnectX and use our directory of already vetted organizations to find your perfect cause. Then, use your professional know-how and skills to donate mentoring sessions to a professional in need. Their fees will go to your charity, and you’ll make a difference in the world – in more ways than one.

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