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Top 10 Most Generous Donors of 2017 in U.S.

Top 10 Most Generous Donors of 2017 in U.S.

Posted on January 8, 2018
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During 2017, philonthrophists, American individuals, estates, foundations and corporations across U.S. have donated a whopping sum of $390.05 Billion. 

The generoucity index of individuals giving to charity is growing exponentially YoY. Find out some of those top 10 most generous donors of 2017 who has contributed part of their wealth to different charities or for social cause across United States.

Surprisingly, this time Bill gates or Warren Buffet is not in the top two positions:

  1. Phil and Penny Knight (Philip Hampson Knight is a Chairman emeritus of Nike, Inc.)
    Total giving: $900 million
  2. Michael Bloomberg (Mayor of New York City)
    Total giving: $600.1 million
  3. Howard and Lottie Marcus (The estate of Dr. Howard and Lottie Marcus, San Diego)
    Total giving: $400 million (bequest)
  4. Paul Allen (Co-founder Microsoft)
    Total giving: $295 million
  5. John and Laura Arnold (An American Billionaire)
    Total giving: $284 million
  6. Larry Ellison (Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle Corporation)
    Total giving: $271.4 million
  7. Charles Munger (Vice Chairman, Berkshire Hathaway)
    Total giving: $200 million
  8. Pierre and Pam Omidyar (Pierre Omidyar is Chairman of eBay)
    Total giving: $173 million
  9. Bill and Melinda Gates (Bill Gates is a Co-Founder and Technology Advisor of Microsoft)
    Total giving: $141.4 million
  10. Kenyon Gillespie (Was a successful private investor)
    Total giving: $108 million (bequest)


Note: Part of the content has been taken and tweaked from GivingUSA


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