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6 Best Event Ticketing Software for Nonprofits!

6 Best Event Ticketing Software for Nonprofits!

Posted on September 23, 2021
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A successful fundraiser for a non-profit means increases in overall revenue. This is only possible when donors have a good experience, and you can communicate your organization’s goals.

A successful marketing campaign lures your donors to register for the fundraising event. If your event ticketing process is simple and positive, it will leave a good impression on the donor. Event ticketing software provides a smooth experience when registering for the non-profit fundraiser.

Whether the event is online or offline, event ticket management software is a must for your organization. Here we will look into what event ticketing is and the best event ticketing software for non-profit.

What is event ticketing software?

The sale and purchase of event tickets online using desktop and mobile event ticketing systems are known as event ticketing. Digital event ticket sales should be approached with forethought, regardless of whether your fundraising event is personal, online, or hybrid.

Your online event website represents the true difference between tickets and box office sales. The online event page will probably be your company’s first and only impression when someone decides if they want to attend or not.

Event organizers provide the groundwork for donors to say YES to attend your fundraising event with ease and enthusiasm.

5 Crucial Features in Event Ticketing Platform

1] Multiple Ticket Choices

You will sell more when you provide various ticket categories for your nonprofit events. This is because individuals desire something different from your event and actively search for tickets to suit their demands. It is necessary to be able to provide “tables” tickets for various prices and advantages. Your ticket software should also make it easy to provide group tickets with special add-ons such as a free drink voucher, a free T-shirt, backstage access, etc.

2] Safe and Easy Payment Process

A secure payment gateway is the golden rule of online payment for any web service. At the same time, it should be as simple and feasible.

To do it, make sure that various payment alternatives are included for the participants. You may add, for example, VISA, Amex, Bank Transfer, PayPal, etc. to allow purchasers to choose from. This can assist you to improve conversion rates and provide you advantages such as decreased withdrawal from your check-out.

As a client, you should also keep in mind the terms & conditions of having these payment gateways on the portal. Before you start utilizing a ticketing platform, always reading the fine print to make sure you are happy with the fees and payout schedules affecting your cost and income. Ideally, you want to collaborate with a ticketing company that charges a flat fee without hidden expenses per ticket.

Determine how often your money is transferred to you on the ticketing site. You must get as soon as possible the money you make from ticket sales, but many platforms have high payment limits and time limits.

 3] Integrated Marketing Tools

To increase the response rate, ticketing platforms should interact with other advertising and marketing apps. For example, your ticketing software should link with Facebook and Google AdWords so that you can track visitor behavior on your ticket sales page and retarget them with Facebook and Google advertisements. You can also automatically generate custom audiences and lookalike audiences from those who visit your sales tickets page by using the data from Facebook integration.

The ticket administration and promotional tools that can enable the platform to work with automated tools are of significant advantage for you.

4] Compatible with all Devices

The necessity of the hour is a mobile site. Whether it’s purchasing tickets via social media or planning the event jointly – today’s digital customers rely on their smartphones more. Therefore, the event booking site must be equipment-agnostic compatible with cross-browser. Meaning the participants should be able to book their tickets with a laptop, desktop, or portable device. Your event booking software should thus make sure it is compatible with all devices.

5] Quick Support System

When people buy tickets, what if individuals have issues or problems? What about your account configuration, ticket sales page design and integration, and event promotion? What if you have questions regarding your account? Does the ticketing software provide the assistance you need for your event? Make sure it does.

Importantly, ensure that the ticketing software provides help when and how you need it. Choose a platform that provides email and phone assistance seven days a week since you never know when you or your ticket purchasers may run into an issue or have a query.

Best Event Ticketing Software

1] iConnectx

iConnectX is a good alternative for people who desire not too expensive event software, however, it has all the capabilities needed to best advertise events and sell tickets. The platform is nicely built and is excellent for companies that desire considerable expansion and scalability. From online auction to seamless ticket administration, the firm can offer solutions. You may utilize the tools on their website to include your event list, encourage your events with links to your Facebook page, and sell tickets.

iConnectX is inexpensive to all nonprofits enterprises and is suitable for all sorts, sizes, and complexities of events.

2] Eventbrite

The purpose of Eventbrite is clear: connect live experiences with the world. They have the means to sell more tickets and know what is happening in the event business.

Eventbrite is an excellent choice to explore if you want something straightforward to use. There is, however, little opportunity for templates to be customized. One reviewer says that if you want to have complete control of the design, you cannot “remove” branding from Eventbrite.

3] CVent

Cvent is commonly regarded as one of the finest choices for event planners who want to sell and purchase. Cvent is software for important events and programs throughout the world that has been included. The program is complete, beautifully designed, and unbelievably easy to use. Whatever sort of event you conceive of, Cvent can help you obtain what you need. The program gives anyone who wishes to test it themselves a free demo.

4] is a great alternative for anyone who seeks free and easy-to-use software. Software programs often charge you for the privilege that accomplishes the same job. is a fantastic alternative for people who don’t want to pay, so you can easily put up your ticket page. The program is recognized for its particular guest commitment function, which makes it possible for event organizers to connect to the participants of the event.

5] Ticketbud

Ticketbud is ideal for people who want software that gives them full control of all aspects in the process of event management and the sale of tickets. It is a wonderful way to aid people holding large events and who have no restrictions on the type of sales they wish to perform. The program also provides daily payments, so event organizers get paid more quickly than most other ticketing sites.

6] Accelevents

Accelevents is a low-cost software package for people who wish to build a ticketing platform. It is renowned to offer a broad variety of features and possibilities.

Regardless of what type of fundraiser you wish to hold, Accelevents offers lots of assistance to event organizers. It is recognized to be equipped with numerous integrated tools that may help event organizers do fund-raising, silent auctions, contributions, and other initiatives.


When it comes to organizing an event, you have to understand that it follows the principle of being judged by the book. Don’t jeopardize it by utilizing a ticket application with no proper functionality. Look instead for a platform that provides several types of tickets, integrated advertising and marketing, built-in advertising tools, payment processing, and support. In this sense, event ticketing serves as your cover since it provides the initial impressions of your event and leverages all subsequent interactions. If the event registration profile you use coincides with the features you require, you do not have to doubt the success of your event.