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Fundraising for Coronavirus: Create Virtual Events

Fundraising for Coronavirus: Create Virtual Events

Posted on April 7, 2020
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Coronavirus or COVID-19 is spreading at such a pace that the number of cases in some areas are doubling each week. So far, over 6.9 million cases of the novel coronavirus have been officially declared globally, with around 410,000 deaths, leaving many in the critical condition fighting for their life. Due to this high-rising increase, many countries are falling short on person protection equipment such as masks, gloves and other medical equipment required for treatment.


Economies are declining, Healthcare infrastructures are failing, and the small business community is shut down. Schools are closed, malls, restaurants, and many other businesses are either closed or only keeping a small porting of their business in place due to the government issued lockdown. The world could see another recession that can be worse than the last recession in that took place in 2009(Source: IMF ).

So, what can you do to help?

Fundraising for Coronavirus: How to Raise Funds for victims and families of the COVID-19 Pandemic

1. Support industries that are Impacted by Coronavirus:

The hospitality industry is one of the most affected industries due to the pandemic. Most hospitals are overcrowded and do not have enough personal protection equipment for the workers. Most companies have seen a drop of 70-80% in sales resulting in huge profit losses and corresponding unemployment in affected countries. Also, hourly workers or employees being not paid during their lockdown are among the most vulnerable during this pandemic, making low-income household families more vulnerable and in need of immediate financial assistance.

2. Create a Fundraiser:

Another way to support these victims is to create a fundraiser for a local nonprofit helping victims and families affected by the Coronavirus. By setting up a fundraiser, you can support the nonprofits who are raising funds to provide food & water, medical supplies, and volunteering support due to the spread of coronavirus. Once the fundraiser is created, share your updates to your audience, invite them to join your cause and make donations to support your fundraiser. Invite your professional connections to build your network and support your nonprofit fundraising cause.

3. Directly Donate to Nonprofit Organizations:

A great way to support the victims and families affected by the Coronavirus is to donate direct to these nonprofits who are helping or providing necessities to people affected by COVID-19.

If you are looking for charities serving people during this hard time, you can click here and find local or national nonprofits supporting these causes. You can help through monetary donations, or providing food, water, medicine, toiletries, and more. If you’re not able to donate items or want to do your own nonprofit fundraising, consider starting a fundraiser to support a local charity. Using iConnectX, you can find over 144 local onboarded nonprofits or 1.7 million non-onboarded nonprofits and start fundraising on their behalf.

4. Shift away from traditional events and move to Virtual Events:

The COVID-19 pandemic across the USA and world has brought fundraising events to a halt that forcing the nonprofits to change the tactics to raise the funds to run the programs supporting the community by basic necessities.

During these times, nonprofits have to be more mindful and sensitive when asking for funds to support their cause, as we are all concerned about our own financial situations. Leveraging iConnectX, nonprofits or individuals (through fundraisers) can create virtual events to solicit online fundraising auctions or sell tickets to a virtual event. They can invite their networks to participate. Find out more on how to create a nonprofit virtual event.

Now, more than event, it is important to stay connected with your top donors who consistently donate to your causes and volunteer in your programs. Reach out to your existing audience and/or target the new “giving-minded” audience in iConnectX and promote your online auctions or virtual events. Using iConnectX, create an account and connect with professionals willing to donate to nonprofits during these challenging times the country is going through.