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Online Fundraising Websites to Raise Money

Online Fundraising Websites to Raise Money

Posted on September 9, 2019
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Donating to charity has become easier than before, especially with the advent of technology and the internet. We are constantly connected and can do most things without looking up from our phones. But this cellular technology can be used to help create a better society. Often, people choose not to help because the process of helping is difficult and tedious. It is difficult to verify websites or to physically go to a charity to make a charitable donation. Charity websites are extremely useful in this regard. The process of giving charitable donations is so easy and can be done in just a few clicks on charity websites. A charity website provides an easy platform and means to make charitable donations.

There are several charity websites one can go to when donating. These websites cater to different causes and the donor can choose what cause to donate to. The American Institute of Philanthropy releases a CharityWatch which ranks the top charities. All charities in the list spend at least 75% of their budget on advancing social programs, do not have excessive assets in reserve, spend 25$ or less in raising 100$ in public support, have met the benchmarks of the Institute in terms of governance, and have provided their financial information for disclosure. The criteria used in coming up with the list is easily accessible on their website.

The website CharityWatch has a list of categories, so one can easily find cause-specific charities and their rating. The categories include, ‘AIDS’, ‘African American’, ‘Blind and Visually Impaired’, ‘Cancer’, ‘Environment’, ‘Gun Control (Pro/Con)’, ‘Youth Development’, ‘Women’s Rights’, etc. Each charity is given an overall rating based on how many criteria were met by the organization.

There are several such sites to raise money for a cause. There are also several platforms which are informative and help users at different ends understand the nature and process of making charitable donations.

Network for Good

This charity helps online partners, usually, corporates and nonprofits learn how to optimally utilize their resources for advancing social causes they wish to.

Pamela Grow | Fundraising Coaching for non-profits

This website works on providing smaller charities the marketing and development tools to expand their business and reach out.


GoFundMe is an easy way for individuals to raise money for a cause. Individuals can start their campaigns and shut them once their requirements are meant.

WeDidIt Blog

This blog describes short tips and tricks as well as stories of nonprofit workers and fundraisers. They use the internet, mobile technology and analytics to make it easy for non-profits to help nonprofits reach workers and raise money.

FundRaising IP

This website provides information regarding fundraising ideas. Fundraiser event ideas for schools, green fundraisers, etc.

Charities for Children

Several fundraising websites exist for children’s causes as well. The best charities for children include several platforms. CharityWatch, for example, lists the following charities:

  • Child Find of America (A+)
  • Children’s Defense Fund (A)
  • Children’s Health Fund (A-)
  • Marine Toys for Tots Foundation (A-)
  • Prevent Child Abuse America (National Office) (A+)
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities (National Office) (A-)
  • ChildFund International (A-)
  • Children Incorporated (A)
  • Children International (A)
  • Compassion International (A)
  • Pearl S. Buck International (A)
  • Save The Children (A-)
  • Unbound (A+)
  • World Vision (A-)

Among these is also the Kids Cancer Charity, which looks at different aspects of the lives of children living with cancer. They organize family services as well as holidays and staycations. The Kids Cancer Charity was set up in 1989. It aims to support children with cancer and their families. The charity aims to balance what it means to live with the distress of having cancer, along with providing high standards of care. They provide support to families that are dealing with the issue of having a child with cancer.

Charity Rating Sites

Besides the CharityWatch report, several other websites also rate charities and allow a donor to make a more informed decision. Charity information is easily accessible through such a mechanism.

Charity Navigator was established in 2001 and has rated over 8000 charities. Their reports highlight a breakdown of financial, accountability and performance metrics. They include an income statement, financial charts, employee salaries, the mission of the charity, as well as a comparison with charities that do similar work. This sort of in-depth analysis allows those donating to make charitable donations to the charity most in line with whichever cause they wish to improve.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Allowance is a subdivision of the BBB enterprise. The BBB Wise Giving Allowance allows users to optimally utilize their money when giving to charity. They have rated around 1300 charities. There is a checklist of 20 criteria that the charity is evaluated against. A list of unmet standards is provided, as well as explanations of why the charity falls short in a particular category. The charity’s mission and a breakdown of their financial and government metrics are also provided.

Such rating websites help someone who wishes to give do so most optimally and effectively, meeting their personal and social goals.

The Bottomline

Donating to charity has never been easier. Whichever the social cause one is concerned with relevant information is easily available. If one wishes to raise money for a cause, there are several platforms which provide relevant information for that as well. It is easier than ever to have legitimate information about different charities and make informed decisions.

One of the best charity websites in the US is This site enables people wishing to contribute to a charity of their choice by sharing their time. We help to promote a cause, event or a charity auction. We enable corporates to build their brand and CSR. The employees of the organization can support the company cause by volunteering and through donations. We help in setting up a private bridge between experts and executives and the paid time is donated to charities. In addition, donors can directly donate funds through the website. The iConnectX App facilitates easy participation in Charity Auctions where you can bid in the auction at any time!