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TEXT-TO-GIVE – The Modern and Trending Way to Raise Funds

TEXT-TO-GIVE – The Modern and Trending Way to Raise Funds

Posted on October 13, 2020
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In this blog, we will dive deeper to understand What is Text-To-Give for nonprofits, How it works, why Text-To-Give is becoming so popular, what are the benefits of Text-To-Give and how iConnectX subscribed nonprofits can take advantage of this great nonprofit tool.

So, let start with What is Text-To-Give?

Text-To-Give, also known as text-to-donate, is a monetary donation process using mobile device texting function. Text giving simplifies the donating process to happen anytime and anywhere within a few clicks. The Text-To-Give process enables nonprofits of all sizes the ability to make it easier for their supporters to donate by providing modern & trending methods to help them increase fundraising.

Often, you have heard the Text-To-Give referred to by many names, such as:

  • Text Giving
  • Text-to-Donate
  • Text-to-Tithe
  • Mobile Giving

Regardless of what we are calling it, this modern and trending fundraising approach has the power to transform your fundraising.

How Text-To-Give works

Nonprofits are provided a 10-digit phone number that acts as a mobile device text number. The number is advertised through marketing activities, events, or campaigns the nonprofit initiates. Donors text a donation amount to the phone number and receive back an instant message with a link to a donation page with that amount already prefilled on the form. Nonprofits can designate these donations towards annual fundraising, events, or to a specific cause.

How The Text-To-Give Process Works for Nonprofits and Donors

Text Giving is a straightforward process. Let’s take a deep dive into the understanding of the process from both the nonprofit and donor perspectives.

How Text Giving Works for Nonprofits:

Step 1: Choose a platform – When selecting a Text-To-Give platform or provider, make sure you research and select the one that will work for your needs and budget. Review the features your nonprofit is looking to use to raise funds while keeping your donor’s data secure.

Step 2: Get your Text-To-Give unique phone number – Each nonprofit receives a unique phone number that is used to receive the donation message. The nonprofit will need to select the keywords which can be used by donors in the message. This provides a way to understand that the donation is made for a specific Text-To-Give campaign.

Step 3: Promote the number in your campaigns – Once everything set-up, you will need to promote your Text-To-Give number in your marketing campaigns so donors can access and donate. Use your phone number in emails, events, and website. Make it easy for them to notice and donate to your cause.

Let’s understand how it works for Donors

Step 1: Texting to the number – Donors initiate the transaction by sending a text message to the nonprofit’s designated Text-To-Give phone number promoted in their marketing. The message usually contains a Donate to “Keyword” and a dollar amount. Example “Donate $100 to the Giving Fund”

Step 2: Incoming Text! The Donate Link – Within a few seconds of texting, donors receive a confirmation link to donate the amount they sent. Donors click on the link and are provided a secure form to fill out and enter their credit card info.

Step 3: Done! – Donors click on the submit button and their donation is made. They receive a confirmation text to authenticates the transaction. It’s as simple as that. A few clicks and the donation is complete!

So, why this Mobile Giving trend is becoming so popular?

For nonprofit organizations, donors are most likely to have their mobile devices with them on a regularly basis and are comfortable giving on a device they use regularly. It just makes sense to incorporate a Text-To-Give feature for nonprofit donations. Furthermore, Text-To-Give can be completed in simple, easy steps, making it a fast and convenient donation process.

The first question that comes to mind, will people use the Text-To-Give to make donations? Here are some stats as to “Why”:

  • There are 3.5 Billion smartphone users worldwide.
  • US Adults spend an average of approximately 3 hours per day on their smartphones
  • 2/3rds of internet shoppers use a mobile device vs. a home device (desk/laptop).
  • 6 out of 10 prefer mobile vs home device.
  • 54 % of nonprofit emails are read on mobile.
  • 58% of nonprofit social media happens on mobile.
  • 95% mobile phone adoption rate for US adults.
  • 52.6% of global web traffic is from mobile devices

Benefits of Text-to-Give for Nonprofits

  • Quick Money: As found in statistics, most individuals use a mobile device, it is a great way to quickly raises funds for the nonprofit’s causes and programs. Donors can easily submit their donation is a few simple steps.
  • Raising Awareness: Because donors spend more time on mobile devices, it is easier to capture their attention (through social and digital media) to raise awareness about programs and causes. Using the provided Text-To-Give phone number in digital advertising reaches a larger audience.
  • Engagement Opportunities: Text-To-Give helps nonprofits reach potential donors easily. It is easy for nonprofits to remind donors about causes, programs, campaigns, events, and other engagement opportunities.
  • Communication Becomes Easier: Text-To-Give allows nonprofits to collect the donor’s name and phone number for future campaigns. This information can be used to tailor further communication with donors and potential volunteers.
  • Donor Retention: Donor retention becomes much easier and cost-effective using a simple communication through campaigns that provide an easy way to enable donors to support their favorite causes.

Benefits of Text Giving for Donors:

  • Easy Giving: With text giving, donors can raise funds for nonprofits anytime, anywhere. This is among the fastest payment mode and is not required to wait for long periods.
  • Secure Payment Mode: Mobile Giving platforms must adhere to PCI standards to keep the donor’s credit card information safe and secure and will not be compromised at any circumstances.
  • Networking with Nonprofits: Text Giving gives a new way for donors and volunteers to get in touch with nonprofits.
  • Use-to Technology: Donors use texting every day in life to communicate with family and friends. Text Giving makes use of familiar technology that donor uses in daily life, makes giving easy.

Text-to-Give has quickly become a must-have feature for nonprofits, and of course for good reason. In addition to boosting fundraising, text fundraising allows nonprofits to improve donor engagement and retention, receive more participation in their programs, and helps build long-term support.

The platform that can provide Text-To-Give and more, iConnectX. Text-To-Give is the modern, trending fundraising way that allows donors to make donations to nonprofits of any size irrespective of their location or area of services via mobile. On iConnectX, using phone native texting applications, donors can instantly text donations and amount to donate to their favorite nonprofits. The respective nonprofit sends a response with a payment link via text message to the donor’s mobile number. The donor can enter the amount of their choice, enter the keyword for the cause they support and click on the submit to send successfully.

This along with auctions, event ticketing, fundraising, advocacy, and a community of professionals through which to market, all built within iConnectX. One platform, one login, one low subscription price for use., register your nonprofit now.

Why Prefer iConnectX for Text-to-Give for Nonprofits?

Why use iConnectX? We try best to make all events and campaigns simpler and more profitable for nonprofits. Whether you are a large or small nonprofit organization, iConnectX is always on the lookout for trends to make your events stand out.

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