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Why Storytelling is Important to Your Nonprofit

Why Storytelling is Important to Your Nonprofit

Posted on September 10, 2018
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Storytelling isn’t just for the books. As a nonprofit, sharing your story, as well as the stories of those you help, your donors, and those who work for you, can have a major impact on your success as an organization.
Whether it’s posting a video testimonial to your Facebook page, letting a donor take over your Instagram account, or writing a blog or case study about your recent mission trip to Guatemala, the right story told the right way can inspire donations, raise awareness for your cause, and even help retain existing donors for the long haul.

Don’t believe us? Here’s what we’ve seen storytelling do for nonprofits and charities just like yours:

Storytelling Spurs an Emotional Connection That Drives Donations

People are able to connect emotionally with stories. Maybe a part of the story rings true to their own lives, or maybe they’ve seen similar stories play out with people they love and care about; either way, it gives them a reason to get behind your cause by touching their heart and inspiring them to join your forces and make a difference.

Storytelling Keeps Past Donors Coming Back for Fundraising

When you read a book, each chapter keeps you invested – waiting on the edge of your seat for the next one. You want to keep on going to learn more, find out what happens, and see how it all plays out for the characters and storylines you’ve been following. The same is true of brand storytelling.
Although someone might have donated once, unless you’ve won the fight or cured the disease you’re researching, your story isn’t done being told. There’s always more to do, say, and experience, and your donors (both past and present) want to be in the loop. It’s what keeps them engaged and caring about your cause long after their dollars have been spent.

Storytelling Builds Trust

A nonprofit organization must share the true story about their work which has created a big impact on society. It builds a trust among the people and creates interest in joining the charity as a volunteer or donating to your causes.

Your storytelling should not include mistruths just to promote your campaign to make it successful. Once your false story reaches people it may backfire and will make it harder to gain their trust back to generate future funds for your organization.

Storytelling Builds Relationships

Storytelling brings you in front of your audience and helps to build an emotional relationship. Stories about your cause provides an emotional connection with them and keeps them interested. This helps drive action for your charity and helps to generate fundraising. Storytelling connects you with the audience and creates a solid relationship.

Fundraising Through Great Storytelling

Nonprofits should try to tell their story with emotional meaning, perhaps one that tells about a donor’s personal experience, or involvement with a cause. Specific and concrete stories help nonprofits to improve their fundraising through great storytelling

Storytelling Adds Impact to Stats, Data, and Numbers

Facts are great. A 90% reduction in infection rates? 20% more clean water? 50% safer streets? These are all amazing numbers to tout – you should be proud of them. However, facts and figures only go so far, so backing those facts up with real-life stories and relatable people is one of the best ways to get your point across.

Instead of just talking about your accomplishments, show them via storytelling. Let those you’ve impacted be your biggest advocates and marketers by capturing their story in video, imagery, words, or even in graphics. Bring the data to life in a way people can understand, relate to, and empathize with.

Thinking outside the box is important as a nonprofit organization. People don’t give up their hard-earned dollars easily – even for hugely important causes. They need to connect with the charity, understand the plight it addresses, and really feel inspired to donate and take part in the cause.

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