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Donation Made Easy – Nonprofits Offer Free Donation Pick Up!

Donation Made Easy – Nonprofits Offer Free Donation Pick Up!

Posted on April 12, 2021
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We are living in a society that includes people who have everything and those who lack even the basic necessities in life. The State and Governments across the globe are trying their best to bridge this gap. However, as citizens, it is our responsibility also to help the needy to upgrade their quality of life. There are several ways of doing this. One of the best ways is a donation.

We can make monetary donations, food donations, clothes, or even donations of old items. While most charities have simplified the process of donating money, donation of food or articles becomes difficult for the donors.

Many of us who have old clothes, furniture, etc. that we want to donate are clueless about where to go and what to do? And, with the lockdowns and other restrictions, donating articles has become even more complicated.

Fortunately, several charities offer free donation pick-up. However, you need to ensure that your donation is being used for the right purposes. Therefore, it is important to find some details about the nonprofit organization before you schedule a donation pick-up.

Here are a few tips to streamline the process of donation pick up:

Step 1: Collect the Items for Donation

You need to identify the items at home that you would like to donate. Make sure that the articles are in usable condition. For instance, if you are donating clothes, ensure that that they are not torn or tattered. Or, if you are donating used toys for your kids, make sure that they are not broken and are functional. Once you have collected all the stuff you want to donate; clean and segregate them. Pack them in separate cartons or bags. You can make it a community effort by asking your neighbors etc. to also collect the items they want to donate so that you can collectively send them to nonprofits that pick-up donations.

Step 2: Finding the Right Nonprofit

You can search the website of the nonprofit to find out details such as what they do, how they work, etc. The simplest way to do this is to search for “donation centers near me” on Google. It is a good idea to even connect with the relevant personnel in the organization and find out more about them.

When you are looking for a nonprofit that will pick up donations from your home, check with them what kind of donations they accept. This is because not all charities accept every article you may want to donate. You can specifically ask the concerned person in the organization what you can/can’t donate. This will help you narrow down your choice of nonprofit for donation.

Based on this data you can decide on the donation center.

Step 3: Arrange for a Free Donation Pick-up

When you have decided on the non-profit organization you want to donate to, you can schedule a date and time for the pick-up. Make sure that your articles for donation are clean and neatly packed. The nonprofit that will pick up donations from your home will visit you according to the schedule. You can hand over your donation to the concerned person.

Donating old articles to charity is a fulfilling experience. People who have an excess of items can easily distribute them to the needy. This serves two purposes. The donor can share articles that may not be useful for him, but they can benefit someone else. We tend to buy anything new and beneficial in the market. When we buy such items, we stop using those that we had been using before the purchase. Most often these articles are in a good condition and we do not know what to do with them.

When we realize that many people want these items and can’t afford them, we can easily donate them to such people. This is the best use for the articles that are available in excess at our homes. For instance, parents find themselves stuck with good quality toys that their kids may have outgrown. Most often these toys are expensive and in a good condition so one does not feel like throwing them away. The donor feels good when he can donate such toys to poor kids who cannot afford them. This is one example. When you look around you will find many such things around you that can be replaced with updated versions. it could be your old smartphones, laptops, or shoes, etc. While these may not be of much use to you, they can transform the lives of many.

These are some of the reliable nonprofits that pick-up donations from your home for free:

1. The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a philanthropic organization that was formed in 1865. It offers charity services in over 100 countries across the globe.

They accept monetary donations, furniture, books, clothing, and several other items. They even accept cars as donations. These donations are sold at their network of stores.

To donate to Salvation Army, a donor needs to provide details such as their zip code and a list of articles they wish to donate in the online form. You can schedule a free pick-up according to your convenience by suggesting the date and time for the pick-up.

2. Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA)

It is an organization that helps military service veterans with support services like job placements, financial planning, etc.

VVA offers free donation pick-up services where donors can schedule pick-ups in less than 24 hours.

3. Habitat for Humanity

This is a nonprofit that has helped over 20 million people revitalize their housing. The main objective of this organization is to provide homes to the underprivileged.

Habitat for Humanity raises funds for its construction projects by selling donated goods through its network of Habitat Restores across the country. They take donations from the public for this. They also offer free pick-up for larger items.

You can connect with the charity through their website to schedule a free pickup.

4. human-I-T

This organization focuses on managing E-waste. They repair and repurpose donated electronic items for low-income groups.

The donations collected are used to provide internet access, online learning courses, etc. to the people who cannot afford them.

human-I-T helps solve the problem of e-waste disposal while helping the underprivileged acquire technical skills.

5. Green Drop

Green drop helps people clear their clutter. When there is a death in the family or if one is moving homes, there is a lot of stuff that people don’t know what to do with. Green Drop comes in to help clear the articles that can be donated. However, they do not pick up large items of furniture, or televisions, etc. They have a weight restriction of 50lbs for the articles collected.

They donate to charities like the National Federation of the Blind or American Red Cross, etc.

In addition to the above-mentioned names, several charities offer free donation pick-up services to simplify the process of donation.

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